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Josh Kasoff is a proud alum of The University of North Texas living in East Dallas with his 2 close friends and a hilariously awkward Great Dane. During his time interning at Disney World, he developed a deep interest and love of all things original and foreign. He is currently working on his manuscript and enjoys vegetarian cooking, songwriting, food festivals, alternative music concerts and dogs of all kinds. Josh reports on arts and entertainment news stories for MUIPR. Follow him on Twitter, @CaptainKasoff.

Mattress Mack: A Houston Hero

Recently, Houston has been nothing short of devastated by Hurricane Harvey. Countless homes, estimated up to 100,000 homes, businesses, and other residences were either completely underwater or suffered significant flood damage. According to meteorologists in the Houston area, it was the worst storm that Houston had dealt with, with some estimating that Hurricane Harvey had poured… Read More

A​ ​Cyber​ ​Milestone:​ ​Food​ ​Videos​ ​Most​ ​Popular​ ​on​ ​Facebook

The internet has been used for literally everything. To order groceries, to buy a car, to send pictures to your grandfather, and to buy drugs. It’s taken over virtually all aspects of life. Regularly, when someone orders a meal that’s presented as a masterpiece, their first thought is not to thank the wait staff and… Read More