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Kelsey Browne, graduate of Wake Forest University, majored in English, Film and Entrepreneurship. She has contributed to WFU Style, Gulfshore Life Magazine, and the Naples Daily News. Kelsey believes that every individual deserves an escape from the everyday. Entertainment, to her, is exactly what "Nurse Jackie" might prescribe. Kelsey reports on a variety of stories for MUIPR. Follow on twitter @Kelseymbro.

Calling All Women: Take Charge of Your Personal Finances!

Women educating other women on the topic of personal finance is no longer just a trend that has soared over the past decade — women’s financial independence is a necessary foundation on which we may build our futures. Thanks to females in the field of financial planning, education, insurance, and writing, we no longer need… Read More

Lisa Ling Advocates for All Americans on CNN’s “This Is Life”

Determined to present more than a flawless image, Lisa Ling strives to transparently unveil the livelihoods for all Americans in her new CNN series, “This Is Life With Lisa Ling.” The beloved host writes and produces her program with gusto, and it shows. After only a few episodes, audiences are hungry for more of what… Read More

Future of American Football As More Reports Of Brain Trauma Surfaces

In the wake of another high school football player’s death, communities nationwide are demanding more research be done on the field of sports-related brain trauma. Football, specifically, is the sport targeted the most by worried onlookers.   Tom Cutinella, a 16-year-old student at Shoreham-Wading River High School, suffered a serious head injury last week, according… Read More

The LinkedIn Of Fashion: How VillageLuxe Connects New Yorkers To Designer Fashions

The city of New York just became a bit more trendy, if that was even possible.   Imagine having the chance to dress the part of a New York  Fashion Week model without forking over the funds to pay the price of designer finds.  Sounds just like Heaven, right?  One stylishly enterprising team had the… Read More

Books For A Better Business You: Part Two

Here at MUIPR, we are all about improving our business savvy skills, even if we don’t have the time or resources to park ourselves in the classroom. Let’s face it: not everyone can fit continuing education into their busy schedules. That’s why we brought you “Books For A Better Business You,” our personal guide toward… Read More

Starbucks Marketing Logics: Get Together Or Buy More Coffee?

Happy day-after-National Coffee Day! Instead of sipping on a basic Pumpkin Spice Latte, our editorial team tried on the researcher role in order to study a new advertising trend.   Starbucks, in particular, has taken on the mission of getting people together. Two of the coffee giant’s latest television spots titled ‘Get Together’ and ‘Are… Read More

BuzzFeed’s “Basics” Push All the Right Buttons

Instagramming one’s self sipping on a Pumpkin Spice Latte while wearing Ugg boots on a hay ride — an unsuspecting victim may believe she’s diving right into all of fall’s glory. What this flannel clad beauty doesn’t realize is how much her basic-ness translates to Internet fodder.   If you type “basic bitch” into a… Read More