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Tsarnaev convicted on all 30 counts in Boston Marathon bombing trial

Dhokhar Tsarnaev Picture

After only 11 hours of deliberations, jurors in the Boston Marathon bombing trial convicted Dzhokhar Tsarnaev of all 30 counts lodged against the 21-year-old bomber, including use of a weapon of mass destruction — a charge that carries the death penalty. The trial lasted less than two months and brought a swift conclusion to what has… Read More

Vogue editor’s Instagram photo goes viral, PR fail follows

Vogue editor’s Instagram photo goes viral, PR fail follows

It wouldn’t be an average week without reporting on the outrageously offensive social media antics of the rich and famous. By now, you’ve all heard of Vogue editor Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis questionable decision to post an Instagram photo of a Paris homeless woman reading Vogue magazine. von Thurn und Taxis Instagram post included a… Read More

Twitter hack hits home for Twitter CFO

TwitterChat: Engaging Millennials in International Development Matters

News of Twitter CFO Anthony Noto having his Twitter account hacked came only days after Twitter CEO Dick Costolo admitted that the company’s response to Twitter abuse is “embarrassing.” Fortunately for Noto, the hack didn’t involve a series of abusive messages or embarrassing photographs, like most hacks. Instead, the hacker used Noto’s account to send out… Read More

Writing for mobile and social audiences

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Online readers aren’t typical readers. The nature of mobile and social is that readers on both platforms are on the move and pressed for time. They’re looking for instant information, news, and bits of entertainment — with an emphasis on “instant.” Naturally, writing for mobile and social takes a different approach than writing traditional prose.  … Read More

Stop wasting money on press releases that aren’t newsworthy

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The Truth About Press Releases We’ve all seen our share of cringe-worthy press releases that have no hope of being covered, yet PR pros continue to write and distribute them. It costs hundreds to distribute press releases to a news service. Not only this, but if the releases aren’t written in house, it costs hundreds more to hire… Read More

Make No Mistake: Brian Williams and the Public’s Intolerance for Mistakes

Brian Williams picture

The Brian Williams “misremembering” scandal is yet another example of the public’s penchant for taking down public figures. In an era when the speed of the news moves faster than the actual news, it’s no longer a surprise to watch careers go down in flames on live TV. What’s surprising is the enjoyment the public… Read More

Public Apologies: The Art of Saying and Meaning You’re Sorry

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In both public and private life, it’s never easy to say you’re sorry. For public figures, apologies must be carefully crafted in order correct the damage done by public wrongs. We’ve seen plenty of public figures botch public apologies and suffer the career consequences — it’s nearly a weekly occurrence — must see PR-disaster TV.… Read More

Thought leadership tips for small business

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Being identified as a thought leader can significantly impact a business owner’s capacity to reach a broad audience of prospects. It builds trust and ultimately leads prospects toward the sales funnel.   “But my business is boring.” This is a common response among business owners when encouraged to create content about their industries. Every industry,… Read More

More PR companies are adding content marketing to their list of services

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It may have taken time to convince PR professionals that content marketing was more than a trend, but the necessity of implementing content marketing into PR strategy has become impossible to ignore. Traditional PR agencies, particularly big name companies like Weber Shandwick, added content marketing to their list of services years ago. With the public’s appetite… Read More

Aging brands struggle to remain relevant with the public

News of leadership changes at major brands reflect the changing landscape of American interests. Aging brands are suffering the consequences of a public that’s aging in reverse, and even national institutions whose logos we need only glance at to recognize are being affected.   McDonald’s, the once beloved chain that served as the go-to restaurant for… Read More