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Rafeeat Aliyu is a writer, media consultant, amateur photographer and filmmaker based in Abuja. She reports on culture, events, literature and music and entertainment for MUIPR. A graduate of Durham University UK, Rafeeat enjoys travelling, music, horror movies and West African cuisine. Rafeeat is a published author of speculative fiction, you can read her stories on and in the AfroSF anthology of African science fiction. Follow her on twitter @rafeeeeta

The answer to #airbnbwhileblack

Earlier this year, it was revealed that black travelers may have been facing racial discrimination from hosts while using the app Airbnb. Now, two startups have emerged offering lodging services for black travelers. Perhaps not surprising, its founders have their own #Airbnbwhileblack experiences. Stefan “StefisDOPE” Grant, co-founder of Noirbnb rented an Airbnb property in Atlanta,… Read More

“Arts of the Monsoon”: Revealing links between East Africa and Oman

“Arts of the Monsoon” is a 58-minute documentary commissioned by the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art in Washington, DC. It’s part of the museum’s ongoing “Connecting the Gems of the Indian Ocean: From Oman to East Africa” project that was launched in 2013 to educate the public about the little known history between East… Read More

Kenyan and Egyptian diplomats divided on racism scandal

Earlier this month, outrage erupted on social media after it emerged that an Egyptian minister referred to sub-Saharan Africans as “dogs and slaves.” This was spilled by Yvonne Khamati, the Chairperson of the African Diplomatic CorpsTechnical Committee, who was at a United Nations Environmental Assembly meeting held in Nairobi, Kenya. During the meeting, the Egyptian… Read More