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Shredding inequality and stereotypes in Afghanistan through skateboarding

Language is an essential component of public relations — representing brands, quelling crises, and being able to communicate important thoughts, ideas, and messages to audiences. In a field that is concerned primarily with communication in all of its forms, it’s essential for PR practitioners to recognize the power not just of verbal communication, but nonverbal,… Read More

The scramble for African art: Appreciation or appropriation?

Toward the end of the 19th century, European powers scavenged the African continent to establish and secure political power. Throughout the Scramble for Africa, European colonizers carved borders into the continent with no consideration of local geography or culture.   The European division of African ethnic groups into African states resulted in political instability and civil… Read More

Scotch whiskey brand Ballantine’s collaborates with artist INSA to create largest GIF ever

Shock factor is a powerful tool in marketing. After all, being able to go somewhere nobody has gone before is the perfect tactic to raising brand awareness and setting yourself apart from competitors in the global market.   For Scotch whiskey brand Ballantine’s, a recent collaboration with London-based artist INSA has provided the brand with… Read More

10 Culturally Relevant Pumpkin Carvings for Halloween 2014

Halloween pumpkin carvings can be a great medium for creative expression. Below are 10 more avant-garde pumpkin carvings that defy the traditional jack-o’-lantern:   1. The Starbucks pumpkin brings the Pumpkin Spice Latte to a whole new level and leaves the calories behind. Don’t be misled though: there’s actually no pumpkin in PSLs. Be sure… Read More

Our Latest Instagram Obsession is a Little Goofy

Our love for Instagram is loud and clear, and there is nothing more exciting than a quality new profile to follow.   Our latest find is Laura Jenkinson’s Instagram page. Jenkinson is a makeup artist and beauty blogger based in London. Her pictures are unlike anything we have ever seen. The makeup artist creates images… Read More