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A Strange Thanksgiving: Pringles Makes Thanksgiving Package

With another Thanksgiving come and gone, one must remember the insanely large variety of pre-set Thanksgiving packages and in-house meals from an equally as wide variety of companies. Restaurants of every genre of food, everyone from notorious Southern comfort food restaurant Cracker Barrel’s Thanksgiving meal with every staple food of the holiday imaginable, to upscale… Read More

Trolling of Another Kind: Cards Against Humanity Purchases Land on Border Wall

Even with the influx of many different types of digital entertainment devices, board and card games surprisingly still have a decent following among various demographics of players. Whether it’s family Monopoly night or poker with the guys, non-digital games has maintained it’s following and usage in the Millennial age of streaming, tweeting and Snapchatting everything.… Read More

Alexis Bortell: The 12-Year-Old Suing Jeff Sessions

The legalization of cannabis has become nothing short of a social issue. Quite like the pro-life movement, pro-choice movement and the pro-NRA crowd, cannabis legalization has a vast network of both pro-legalization and anti-legalization advocates. Several notable personalities and politicians, Bernie Sanders, Susan Sarandon, and rapper/activist Killer Mike to name a few of many, have… Read More

Dallas Marijuana March 2017

Of the many polarizing subjects that have been debated for decades, none have quite received as much attention and growing support as the legalization of cannabis. Support to legalize cannabis on a federal level has reached an all time high for many reasons beyond simply teenagers wanting to get high. Instead, the majority of Americans… Read More