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3 Ways “The Warrington Clan” Teaches Us to Strengthen Family Relationships

In Daphne King’s novel, “The Warrington Clan,” maintaining family ties and navigating new romantic relationships are the centerpiece of this heartwarming novel. Families are dysfunctional to say the least, especially during the holidays, which is a stressful time that requires staying true to traditions while making new memories with your loved ones.   Readers can… Read More

The Warrington Clan: How Love and Family Make Us Stronger

Love and family are two of the biggest reasons why the holidays are a warm, fulfilling time of the year. Dr. Daphne L. King’s highly anticipated novel, “The Warrington Clan Book 1: Love’s Whirlwind,” publishing Spring 2017, explores the importance of family traditions and controlling your own destiny.   The Warrington family is facing a… Read More

Five reasons why you need to drop everything, and go read Tactful Tidbits right now

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1)  Cheyney Alexandria Easely Fermin is fabulous Mother, wife, author, and clinical research professional, this woman truly does it all; Fermin is bilingual, and enjoys having a large family and a diverse network of friends. Experiencing many funny, awkward, and interesting situations compelled her to write Tactful Tidbits for a Tasteful Tomorrow with the hope that… Read More