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CalSTRS vs. CalPERS: Divergent strategies

Calstrs headquarters

On September 2, the California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS), the second largest public pension fund in the United States, announced that it would consider shifting as much as 12 percent towards treasuries, hedge funds, and other complex investments. A final decision will not be made until November.   Treasuries and hedge funds are, in theory, more… Read More

California mandates first ever water restrictions in the face of massive drought

A drought stricken desert area

Few states boast the varied environments and ecosystem unique to California. By car, one could see the temperate beaches of Orange County, the sun-kissed Mojave Desert, and even the snowy mountains of Big Bear. However, the equilibrium of these ecosystems is in jeopardy, under threat from the worst drought in the history of The Golden… Read More

South Carolina cop charged with murder of unarmed black man

Michael Slager, Walter Scott, police shooting

At a certain point as a nation, we must all stop looking at things through the facile lens of coincidence, and start realizing that patterns have emerged. This week, Americans have had to endure yet another headline concerning police use of excessive force, particularly toward the African-American community. Officer Michael Slager has been charged with… Read More