Write for MUI Daily News

Why We Need You

We are looking for writers to contribute to our online magazine and writing platform.

We need talented people to write entertaining, sharp and original articles that will cover topics in any one or more of the following industry segments: Fashion, Design, Music, Public Relations, Technology, Sports and Culture.


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Getting published on MUI Daily News puts you in front of thousands of monthly readers who will consume your content on our website daily.

What You Need To Have

This opportunity is for individuals who are:

1. looking for a great platform to jump-start their writing career or a career in communications and/or PR;

2. voracious consumers of the news and are looking for a platform to express their opinions of these news stories;

3. writing for a blog or news publication already, have a great style but want to reach a larger audience;

4. just looking for the opportunity to say that they are a published writer or blogger;

5. searching for a credible platform that they can leverage to interview influencers, cover red carpet events, attend and review upcoming movies, or participate in and cover premiere events.


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Writing for MUI Daily news will help you share your talent and experience with the world.

What You Will Do

Here is what we expect from our contributing writers:

1. Minimum of one 400-700 word articles. Frequency may be daily, weekly or monthly.

2. Advise and/or inform, report, enlighten, give thoughtful analysis, entertain your readers and start conversations.

3. Your success as a writer is up to you. The more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it.


How You Should Apply

If you’re interested, please send relevant examples of your writing to No  resumes or CVs please unless you do not have a published story. Also, include the following in your submission:

1. The area/s of news stories above that interest you the most

2. How long have you been writing and/or been published

3. Your blog URL, if you have one


Why Write for MUI Daily News

Writing for a platform like MUI Daily News can be your gateway to get plenty of assignments for qualified writers and/or aspiring journalists. Aspiring journalists can be rest assured that they will receive feedback on their writing from someone in the editorial team.