November 8, 2016 will forever be a day of many mixed emotions in most Americans’ lives. While a controversial and loud-spoken populist was elected to the nation’s highest office, California, Nevada, and Massachusetts all moved forward with the legalization of marijuana to follow in the footsteps of the Pacific Northwest. In addition, two unlikely states, North Dakota and Florida, legalized marijuana for medical purposes.


With marijuana being legalized recreationally only weeks ago in Nevada and needing to go there for a fraternity convention anyway, some friends and I went to Sin City itself. No, we didn’t recreate “The Hangover” but while there, we took a quick detour from the glitz and glamour and visited the Reef Dispensaries location right off The Strip.



Imagine going into Snoop Dogg’s version of Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Every indica, every sativa, every hybrid, every edible, pre-rolled joints, and even a nine gram joint, all sold in a safe retail environment constantly patrolled by a security officer with employees who’re very knowledgeable of cannabis. Although, what made Reef special was that they are the exclusive home of Khalifa Kush, the one and only Wiz Khalifa’s premium strain of cannabis.


After a quick email to Reef Industries via their website, I received an email Mike Pizzo, the Marketing Content Manager of Tryke Industries, the parent company that owns all four Reef Industries locations in Nevada and two in Arizona. Along with running those six dispensary locations, Tryke also cultivates marijuana in a “massive 165,000 sq. ft building from seed to sale”, as described by Pizzo.           


According to their website, Tryke Companies is setting a new standard to cannabis. Founded eight years ago by Matthew Morgan, an experienced canna-business man who ran previous businesses in Arizona, Tryke is a full-scale cannabis company that handles all actions of a sale, everything from production of the product, to marketing of the product and eventually the transaction itself. As well as breaking the stigma that cannabis users are “lazy, unmotivated and unskilled in anything”, Tryke also shows the huge business opportunities in cannabis and cannabis-related products.


On the dispensary side, Reef carries some of the most premium cannabis in Nevada and many exclusives only found in their stores; the aforementioned Khalifa Kush and other specialty products such as Berner’s Exotixz.


As completely expected, sales skyrocketed on July 1. Just to get into the store, we waited in about a 20-minute line and mind you, we were there in late July. Yet, in total accordance with state laws on recreational vs. medical, Reef “does give priority to medical patients as they are not required to wait in recreational lines and can go right up to the express window”, according to Pizzo.


Very much against what our Attorney General thinks, Reef Industries and the legalization of cannabis in general, have done excellent things for Nevada.

“Decriminalizing cannabis decriminalizing cannabis impacts the community positively, cutting down on unnecessary arrests and imprisonment, not to mention all of the people who benefit from it medically. I have friends that have been able to quit everything from cigarettes to prescription drugs, thanks to cannabis.” Pizzo explained.


However, even with all the positive medical benefits that marijuana offers to treat various conditions, it remains illegal at the federal level. It’s even listed as a Schedule I drug, which means it’s equivalent to heroin in terms of having no medical benefit and a high chance of addiction.


Despite the legal hurdles the canna-business still struggles with, such as marijuana’s illegal federal status, reliable banking services, and travel services, the future looks very, very bright for Reef and Tryke Companies and the industry as a whole.


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