Last Thursday afternoon, notorious white supremacist, founder of The National Policy Institute and Macklemore haircut-stealing thief Richard Spencer spoke at The University of Florida’s Phillips Center. Much to the dismay of everyone from the university’s president to Governor of Florida Rick Scott as well as thousands of protesters, Spencer still delivered his hateful and extremely xenophobic, homophobic and may other types of “phobic” rhetoric to a crowd overwhelming consisting of those who completely oppose his Nazi-like values.


(AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

Sadly, Richard Spencer has made a name for himself in the same way that Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps did. A vocal supporter of everything considered “alt right” or “white nationalist” and of course President Trump, he’s spoke at many universities throughout the past year. One speech, attended by 400 people at Texas A&M University, Spencer said something so hate-filled that him being punched by a protester near Trump’s inauguration in January almost seemed justified.


“In the words of Jack Donovan,” Spencer said as he quoted the men’s rights activist, “Every race engaged in mass murder and slavery and colonization. White people were just really, really damn good at it.”


After the chaotic turned violent events during the Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia over the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue, security was on high alert on the campus of The University of Florida that day. Security for that one day cost upwards of $500,000, most of which the university, by law, couldn’t charge to the National Policy Institute. University of Florida president W. Kent Fuchs notified the university that although they couldn’t entirely stop Spencer’s appearance, that many counter events will be planned and that police presence on campus would be heavier than previously seen. 


Unlike in Charlottesville luckily, no lives were lost due to Spencer’s appearance. However, as expected at most events involving white supremacists, a number of arrests were made. Along with a few fights, the most notable arrests were three white supremacists and Spencer supporters from Texas arrested for attempted homicide after shooting into protesters after threatening murder. As long as there are hateful people such as Spencer, and the majority of the “alt right” for that matter,  in the country, events like this may not be avoidable.


However, instead of simply protesting, one local brewery in Gainesville is both standing up to the hateful messages of white supremacists while simultaneously promoting their products.


Alligator Brewing, stationed locally in Gainesville, recently made a post regarding Spencer’s appearance at UF and a proposition to how those who oppose his values could both benefit the community and get a free beer out of the deal.


(Facebook/Alligator Brew)

With any form of identification, one could purchase up to two tickets to the Spencer speech at The Phillips Center. Instead of attending the hate-filled display of blatantly wrong white supremacy, one could swing by Alligator Brewing and turn in their tickets to any of the employees. In return, the customer would receive a free beer of their choice and those two tickets would be discarded.


The tickets for the speech initially were being sold to the general public on October 14.


“All weekend long,” Alligator Brewing told their followers through a shared Instagram and Twitter post, “for every two tickets you bring in, we’ll trade you for a free Alligator Brewing Draft Beer. Those tickets and reserved spots will be disposed of leaving two more empty seats at The Phillips Center.”


“We unfortunately can’t stop him from bringing his hate to Gainesville, but we can empty the room so his disgusting message goes unheard.” they continued.    


White supremacy in any form is nothing short of a disgusting cold sore on the face of American multiculturalism and unity. And any attempt to combat it, such as the case of Alligator Brewing, is always appreciated, especially when free beer is involved.


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