McIntosh County, Georgia may be small, but it’s plagued with a big drug problem. The county’s sheriff, Stephen Jessup, has decided to get more creative in his attempt to decrease the trafficking of illicit substances in the area.


Sheriff Jessup put out a newspaper advertisement in the Darien News targeting local drug dealers. The advertisement reads: “Is your drug dealing competition costing you money? We offer a FREE service to help you eliminate your drug competition!”


The sheriff’s “free service” is a questionnaire asking for information on local drug dealers that the competition could fill out and give to law enforcement officials. In other words, the ad is calling for drug peddlers to rat each other out.


A form for drug dealers to tell on their competition


Jessup’s newspaper form asked for basic information on dealers, as well as the time and place the person is known to sell illegal substances. Law enforcement officers could then use one of these reports to catch someone in the act of selling drugs.


There are only 12,000 people living in Jessup’s jurisdiction, but his department makes about 600 arrests involving drugs each year. Jessup believes his newspaper ad can help put those contributing to the rampant drug problem behind bars.


“I campaigned on trying to fight drugs to the best of our ability and to really make a dent in the local trade, and this is a way of trying to do that,” said Jessup.


The idea that dealers would use this method to get rid of their competition may sound ridiculous to some, but Jessup thinks they will have no problem snitching if they can benefit. Sheriff Jessup says that drug dealers are “cutthroats” and that they “turn on each other all the time.”


Nobody has taken the sheriff up on his offer so far, but he remains hopeful that someone will soon enough. Even if the ad continues to go unanswered, Jessup stands by his attempt, saying, “nothing ventured, nothing gained.”


Will this advertisement eventually work and get dealers to turn each other in? Should other law enforcement officials use Jessup’s method? Leave a comment or talk to me on Twitter @Karbowski_Devon.