The recent incident in Charleston has motivated several corporations, such as Amazon and Walmart, to pull the Confederate flag from their retail shelves. This action then motivated Sean Hannity, Fox News host, to unleash a rant saying that this decision should move for the removal of rap music from stores as well.


“Can you still buy a Jay-Z CD at Walmart? Does the music department at Sears have any Ludacris albums? Can I download 50 Cent on Amazon?” asks Hannity. His statements initially sound very far fetched. It seems unlikely that the sales of rap albums is equivalent to the sale of the Confederate flag.



The Confederate flag represents a time of oppression and slavery which is a period of time that society is continuously trying to move forward from. The acceptance of rap music, to Hannity, represents a contradictory culture. By purchasing albums where songs promote the use of negative slang and offensive language, consumers are viewing those ideologies as an acceptable mindset. This acceptance does not move society forward in the fight for equality.


Hannity’s comparison may be far-fetched, but perhaps it is time to take a look at the material that is being promoted to a very impressionable consumer audience. The argument can be made that rap music isn’t created with the intent of hatred or to convey anything negative. Thus, listening to songs of that subject matter shouldn’t be misunderstood as such. However, where is the line drawn?


There are no rules or guidelines laid out in black and white as to what is considered offensive and maybe that is the problem. Conversations and speeches such as Hannity’s will continue to take place until there is a definitive line between what is considered offensive and what is acceptable if such a time ever comes.


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