High School student Ifeoma White-Thorpe knew her AP class scores were high, however, she had no idea those scores would help her gain acceptance into the top colleges in America. Ifeoma received acceptance letters from all eight Ivy League schools, and she could not be more thrilled. She is now charged with making the decision of which school to attend.


Ifeoma White-Thorpe thought she’d just go to Harvard — until she got the other 7 acceptance letters

She first got accepted into Harvard and thought she would just go there, not realizing more of those kinds of letters were coming. Ifeoma is an outstanding student who received straight A’s in her AP classes, and also won the Selma Speech and Essay Contest in 2015. Her essay was entitled, “Let Freedom Ring,” and she spoke about intelligence, character, and how important education is to help her succeed in her goals, and strive for change in society.


Her mother, Patricia White-Thorpe recalls how her daughter had certain qualities about her that made her stand out. “As a little girl, she was a great writer. I remember when she was in kindergarten. She spoke on behalf of the kindergarten class and it blew our minds away,” she said. Ifeoma served as student government president at Morris Hills High school where she will graduate in June. Ifeoma looks forward to college where she plans to study biology and global health.


Her parents say they will leave the decision up to her as to which of the schools she will attend. Ifeoma has no idea which it will be at this point. Her concern now is how to finance this priceless education she will receive. She noted none of the schools offer merit scholarships which are based on academics, artistic abilities, or athletics. What she may soon discover is that some of the nation’s top schools, even the Ivy League ones, offer tuition or full-rides to families who meet certain income requirements.


The College Raptor offers further information to assist families as they make these incredibly tough but exciting decisions to finance the future of their young students. As for Ifeoma, an education at any one of these top schools could be the launching pad she needs to reach success while shooting for the stars.


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