Women educating other women on the topic of personal finance is no longer just a trend that has soared over the past decade — women’s financial independence is a necessary foundation on which we may build our futures. Thanks to females in the field of financial planning, education, insurance, and writing, we no longer need to think of financially-savvy women as rare or too few. We can stop using terms like “trailblazing” or phrases such as “one of the first.” Whether women want to become entrepreneurs or are looking to establish their own fiscal independence (or both!), educating ourselves is a duty we have to our communities, not to mention our individual well being.


Save Money Like A Woman

Save money like a woman.

Say you would like to know more about saving for your future, but you don’t have copious amounts of free time to read the fine print. Would you like to have the tips for finer saving without the fuss of dense reading? You’ve got yourself a deal. If you don’t have a ton of cash lying around or barely enough to commit to a savings plan, don’t worry. You can still take incremental steps toward bringing yourself closer to total independence. Through education alone, you can feel confident that you’re doing everything in your power to accomplish your goals. Knowledge is power, after all. Check out the following topics for tools on how to bring you closer toward owning your dreams.



Numerous individuals confuse annuities with insurance or savings. The vehicle is not intended to replace a saving account; it is rather a contract between a policy owner and an issuer intended to provide funds after a certain period has lapsed. During the asset accumulation phase, premiums are paid (as in insurance), and the client is encouraged not to touch the monies in the account. The asset distribution phase occurs once the client has reached the age when the contract is complete. Fixed and indexed annuities offer guaranteed minimum values while variable annuities rely on the stock market’s forecasts. Owning future income is a goal anyone can save up to achieving!



Are you a fan of hot, trendy stocks like Chipotle, or are you a classic buyer hoping to gain long-term growth with Coca-Cola? If you’re not sure, you need to do your research! Simply Googling “Warren Buffett’s Favorite Stocks” will yield you definite leads in your pursuit for the perfect stock. Diversify, but also remember to build a foundation with a steady stock and a company you trust.


Cash Reserves

If you’re just starting out and you don’t have enough funds to devote to your pursuits, still focus your best efforts on building a nest egg. Simply setting aside a small portion of your paycheck on a weekly basis will allow you to work toward the goal of having an emergency cash fund. In an actual emergency, your cash reserve will be put to the best use, especially if you don’t have any other funds to lean back on.


Life Insurance

When it comes to protecting your the rest of the family, meeting with a licensed agent to discuss your life and health insurance options is of the utmost importance. It provides your family with security and eases your mind at the same time. No matter which plan you choose, always remember to rely on someone you trust and compare your options!


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