Francisco Nicolás Gómez Iglesias is a Spanish enigma. The smooth and elusive 20-year-old was nicknamed El pequeño Nicolás by Spanish media, a name inspired by the disobedient character in the children’s book series, “Le Petit Nicolas.”


Earlier this week, El pequeño Nicolás was arrested in Madrid for pulling a dine-and-ditch. He walked out on his share of the bill in a restaurant, which was €523. He was soon located and detained by police in a nearby nightclub.


Iglesias’ crimes, however, are normally much more scandalous and nimble.


El pequeño Nicolás was first arrested on October 13, 2014. He was charged with “forging official documents, passing himself off as an advisor to Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría and as an agent of Spain’s secret service, the National Intelligence Center (CNI), as part of a supposed scam to fleece a businessman out of €25,000.”


Many agree that what Iglesias has accomplished would have been impossible without the help of a member of Spain's social elite. (

Many agree that what Iglesias has accomplished would have been impossible without the help of a member of Spain’s social elite. (

How has the 20-year-old managed to accomplish all this? He claims to have connections in very high places, and a visit to his Facebook page will lead one to believe him. There’s a pictures of him shaking King Felipe’s hand at his coronation and with important members of Spain’s Popular Party, including the former prime minister.


The source of El Pequeño Nicolás’ money is also a mystery. He regularly rents luxury cars, takes classes in an expensive Madrid university, and is now being defended by prestigious lawyers.


Investigations into Iglesias’ case are still underway. Regardless of what the truth is, El pequeño Nicolás’ story demonstrates the power of PR.


With a few Facebook updates and public appearances at political gatherings, he’s crafted an entire identity for himself. However, this is only an identity that exists totally in the eye of the public. The real Francisco Nicolás Gómez Iglesias remains a mystery.


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