It’s easy to take advantage of a family name, but it’s even more difficult to foster merit of your own — especially when your last name credits a line of presidents.


Lauren Bush Lauren proves that the best rewards come from taking the gifts you’ve been given and creating opportunity for those less fortunate. That is exactly the story of FEED, a foundation the niece of former President George W. Bush created in order to fight hunger and eliminate global malnutrition. The non-profit supports hunger relief efforts across the globe and even provides aid during natural disasters. As of September 2014, FEED has provided nearly 84 million meals globally.


Instead of simply enjoying the fruits of a the family business, Lauren decided to make a name for herself in 2007. Fighting for a cause about which she was passionate, Lauren launched FEED, an initiative to fight world hunger on behalf of the UN World Food Programme.


In 2013, Lauren became the Advocacy Award recipient from World of Children Award in celebration of the significant work she and her organization, FEED Projects, has done for hungry children worldwide.


Lauren continues to travel to various countries with the WFP along with UNICEF to combat the issue of world hunger. She has risked traveling to Guatemala, Cambodia, Lesotho, Sri Lanka, Chad, Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, and Honduras in order to witness poverty firsthand. Lauren notes on her website that:

Inspired by her travels in 2005 she conceptualized and designed the initial FEED 1 bag, which feeds one child in school for one year through WFP, as a way for consumers to give back in a tangible and meaningful way.


Understanding the power of influence, Lauren made both her family and her country proud when she distributed help to millions of individuals throughout the world.


Lauren represents the best of America in terms of generous giving, and she won’t slow down until FEED makes even more of a global impact. She inspires young girls to dream about becoming social entrepreneurs, not just for themselves but for the health of our mother Earth.


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