Do you know what “doming” is? What about a “vomlet”? If you haven’t a clue, good for you. You don’t want to know. Hazing, the unspoken demon embedded in virtually every fraternity continues to make “Animal House” seem like little kittens playing in a sandbox. The practice makes the news not because of its ability to promote brotherhood bonding, but mainly due to its increasing death toll. Hazing doesn’t just turn boys into men; the practice changes perfectly great, normal guys into totally different human beings altogether.


Imagine your brother, boyfriend, guy friend, even your father going through one of these pledge disasters. How would you feel if you found out that after being initiated, your loved ones were also capable of inflicting pain on their younger counterparts. This is the hushed reality for countless young men and women affected by hazing all across our nation, especially today.


Don’t think the harmful ritual remains absent from top-notch universities, either. Ivy Leaguer Andrew Lohse became so fed up with the practical torture he both received and dealt out as an Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) at Dartmouth that he caved in and told the world all.


In “Confessions Of An Ivy League Frat Boy,” in bookstores now, Lohse details his qualms with the fraternity system itself, and he also offers personal solutions for a modernized frat culture appropriate for millennial standards. Unfriended by most of his Dartmouth frat brothers, Lohse found out who his few select friends were after he ratted out the most sacredly absurd practices of his fraternity.


Nationals responded by revoking the pledging system and colleges nationwide offer harsher sentences on participating frats, but is this really the answer? Most frats will just go underground and continue to practice their rituals. It appears that any real change to the hierarchy has to begin with the way the older brothers respect themselves. Younger initiates look up to their brothers and follow their lead. Why not strengthen up the lead? Guys, it’s not all about the muscle milk, anymore.


In a world where women expect to be treated right by their men (as they should!), shouldn’t we raise the standard for how everyone treats each other? Heck, can’t there be another brotherhood activity that doesn’t involve overdosing on white powder? These guys want to be “Breaking Bad,” and they’re not. Maybe someone like Lohse can initiate the change, but any real improvements have to be led by the brothers themselves.


Time to step it up, guys. We don’t want to see fraternities lost forever, but there’s got to be something done to clean up the system and promote leadership, not humiliation and death. It’s totally possible if we raise that standard.


What are fraternities like at your school? Do they need to be improved by abolishing the hazing ritual? I’d love to hear what you think! Share your thoughts in the comments or tweet me @Kelseymbro