With rising sea levels, warmer oceans, and heightened temperatures threatening wildlife and crops, Earth is at risk from the dramatically changing climate, and people are finally starting to acknowledge it as a problem. According to new polling data, a record number of Americans see climate change as a global threat. Global warming is rapidly becoming a major public concern in need of a fix.


The shifts in public opinions have gradually been working their way up to the inevitable realization of climate change. The majority of the public has pushed for an advancement in policies to fight it, such as reductions in carbon emissions from businesses and a push for the use of more sustainable energy. Polling firm Gallup, recently discovered that public skepticism is at an all time low, with only 31 percent believing that climate change is due to natural causes. Gallup also found that 64 percent say they worry about climate change “a great deal” or “a fair amount,” while 36 percent of Americans say they aren’t fretting about it.



It is one thing, however, to be concerned about Earth’s changing climate, and another to be concerned and do something about it. A Pew Research Center poll recently released interesting information that contradicts Americans’ new-found ideology relating to climate change. The percentage of cars that run purely on gas has increased and there is a falling market for heavily-subsidized alternative-fueled vehicles with less than three percent currently being used on the roads. The use of hybrid cars has also dramatically decreased since 2013. Over 74 percent of Americans drive independently to and from work, which means that the number of commuting carpoolers have fallen by about half in around 35 years. Also, despite the rise in bike lane construction since 1980, only about .06 percent of Americans use a bike to commute, which is has risen only by .01 percent.




Climate change is causing instability around the world. Only recently have Americans discovered the incentive for change and are ready to do something about it, however initiative is lacking. Climate change is created directly as a result of careless human activity. Americans are aware, but still refuse to change in order to benefit themselves.


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