Few chefs have dominated the restaurant/culinary industry quite like Scottish/British 16 Michelin-star earning Gordon Ramsay. To have a single Michelin star is quite an accomplishment that a chef must go above and beyond simply showing up to work to receive. It’s an entirely rigorous process and it’s insane to complete that process on 16 different occasions. The fact that Chef Ramsay has received 16 of them is nothing short of incredible and his many restaurants, cookbooks, appearances on multiple talk shows and cooking-based television shows are undeniable proof of his massive success in the industry.


(Morningside Maryland)

From his burger and fish and chips restaurants in some of the most prominent hotels in Las Vegas to his many glamorous restaurants in many exotic locations such as Dubai and Versailles, Gordon Ramsay has become a worldwide success in an otherwise tumultuous industry. Even with multiple restaurants having to be closed, Ramsay has stood out among the many chefs in the industry for his tenacity, brutal honesty and sometimes hilarious comebacks at criticism or lackluster co-workers. Case in point, Google “idiot sandwich” and see what the results are or you could simply read Ramsay’s Twitter feed of him roasting his followers’ cooking skills, or lack thereof, and see equally as hilarious results.


To continue his long-standing tradition of opening fine dining restaurants in some of the biggest casinos and/or hotels in the world, Ramsay will be opening a steakhouse in a city that one wouldn’t often associate with culinary wonders. Yet, it’s a city that Ramsay himself has described as “an emerging and exciting culinary city” and that he seems eager to work in. Especially given the fact that Ramsay has successful restaurants in many of the enormous major cities in America, it’s a pleasant surprise to see him move to a smaller city compared to LA and New York.


(Gordon Ramsay Restaurants)

Along with the first Ramsay restaurant in the state of Maryland, it’s also his first location on The East Coast as well.


Quite like the menu at the original Gordon Ramsay Steak in Las Vegas, the menu at the Baltimore locations features many signature Ramsay dishes that the Michael Jordan of cooking premieres on “Hell’s Kitchen”, “MasterChef” and even “MasterChef Junior.”


Simply reading the menu online makes me want to eat my laptop screen. In a kitchen that hopefully runs more smoothly than the many former kitchens of “Hell’s Kitchen”, the chefs concoct such delicacies as truffle fries, a beef short rib glazed in wild mushroom jus, and a freaking duet of lamb with shepherd’s pie. It’s fine dining at it’s absolutely finest and quality is certainly guaranteed.


With that being said though, a dinner at Gordon Ramsay Steak will cost a pretty penny. A appetizer of macaroni and cheese will run $13 and the aforementioned lamb duet costs about $48, not to mention the beef wellington which is $54.



Yet, if you’re celebrating something special or on vacation in Baltimore, I couldn’t recommend anywhere else, especially if you’re a longstanding fan of Ramsay’s many restaurants or just a fan of the legendary chef himself.


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