In The Lone Star State, the only staple of Texan culture that could be considered more dominant than the king himself George Strait are burgers. And in this large and almost never-ending state, there’s more burger places than even the most avid burger lover could ever wish for and each with their own unique spin on the classic burger recipe. In Dallas alone, we have burgers that are topped with everything from ghost pepper chili peppers to avocado to even macaroni and cheese.  It’s nothing short of culinary insanity as any imagined ingredient that could conceivably be on a burger certainly is in at least one of the thousands of burger joints throughout the thousands of miles that encompass Texas. Yes, we take our burgers almost as seriously as football and beer.


Yet, of the almost infinite amounts of burger restaurants, few are as universally loved and adored quite like Whataburger. Anyone who utters the blasphemous words of “I don’t like Whataburger” is most likely not a native Texan and might not be trustable. Just kidding about that last part, though. But I wasn’t kidding when I said that those words could be considered blasphemy. Among the many adored aspects of Texas, few are as absolutely and universally adored quite like Whataburger.


(Food Beast)

With delicious burgers that are a far cry from other fast food burgers, they have an Avocado Bacon Burger and their newest addition called The Chorizo Burger. They take the basic concepts of burgers and customize it with ingredients rarely seen with other burgers. But the main reason Whataburger beats out any fast food competitor is their vast menu apart from just burgers and fries. Since I’ve never been too fond of burgers myself, my personal favorite is the Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich, which consists of “three 100% chicken breast strips, our Honey BBQ Sauce, two slices of Monterey Jack cheese—all on your choice of Texas toast or a toasted five-inch bun.”


And the zeitgeist behind Whataburger in Texas isn’t made up. To date, there’s currently 809 different locations of the restaurant throughout not only Texas but the rest of the southern United States, stretching from locations in Arizona all the way to West Florida. Yet, all the success of the beloved burger chain wasn’t enough to secure it the dubious honor as “Most Loved Fast Food Chain in Texas” according to Foursquare and Business Insider. Instead, the spot has been taken by, if we’re speaking honestly, an undeserving contender.


In-N-Out, the popular burger chain from Irvine, California has secured the spot, beating out all fast food restaurant chains in The Lone Star State. Even though their menu is far more limited in terms of choices and mainly only consist exclusively of burgers and fries, I can understand the hype behind In-N-Out in Texas. It’s a well-loved chain from California and something foreign to most Texans, similar to Publix grocery stores.


But ever since their first restaurant in Texas, In-N-Out has caused an almost civil war of divisiveness throughout our great state. There are those who say that Whataburger is the best and those who swear allegiance to In-N-Out. Of course, the latter group of people are wrong, but that’s neither here nor there.


According to the Business Insider study, which included a most popular chain for each state, were determined by total visits to each chain “divided by the number of locations in that state. So given the fact that Whataburger has almost 670 locations throughout Texas while In-N-Out only has 35 locations. So yeah, that might’ve thrown off the numbers quite a bit.


Still, numbers can’t describe the very apparent love of Whataburger in Texas. My friends and I have had many, many interesting experiences inside beyond just eating burgers there and most memories, albeit the increased police presence after 2 AM, will forever be cherished.


Also, Chick-fil-A was voted most popular throughout the nation, so there’s that.


What are your opinions on the controversial poll? Tell me your thoughts at @CaptainKasoff because I’m unapologetically pro-Whataburger.