In between the American behemoth known as The Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex lies Irving, Texas. Nowhere near a quaint little Texas town, Irving’s population is 228,363 according to a recent U.S. Census Bureau and is so expansive that it contains an entire planned community within its border. Las Colinas, the very planned community that I previously both lived and worked in, has many big-named corporate headquarters and there’s a large and incredibly friendly Indian community. Along with that, Irving is the only place on Earth that has the best Indian food in the world outside of India itself.


As stated above, Irving has been my very welcoming and humble home for the past year. And as bittersweet as it is, I’ll be moving far, far away to East Dallas next weekend. Okay, not far but about 35 minutes according to Google Maps. Almost as a sign, it seemed fitting that arguably the largest event held by Irving Parks and Recreation, not the television show, was being held on September 16th, the beginning of my last week as an Irving-ite.


The Irving Main Street Event, a culmination of everything Irving, from local restaurants and vendors to the city police and even Toyota of Irving, had everything one could possibly want. My roommate and I started at The Pineapple Grill, a Hawaiian food truck where we each ordered Vegetarian spring rolls topped with a pink aioli sauce. Then, followed by jerk chicken wings, we walked around the festival itself.


(Club Corp)

All sorts of vendors, everything from homemade crafts to homemade candles, were present on this blistering hot Saturday afternoon. Families aplenty were all around, getting caricatures and having snow cones, sausage on a stick, elotes and all other types of traditional carnival food. Personally, I preferred my pomegranate popsicle from Steel City Pops but to each his own. Everything that made a traditional American festival was there in absolute masses and it couldn’t have been more homely feeling.


In that moment, I saw the specialness and the very hospitable side of Irving that I had been thinking about this whole time. It’s a unique and meaningful place for families and companies alike. Countless big-name companies such as Exxon Mobil, Kimberly-Clark, and Fluor Corporation have their entire company headquarters here and every family type from every walk of life was present in a beautiful moment of diversity.


As for myself, I’ll probably miss everything needed being right off MacArthur Boulevard and the over abundance of deliciously amazing and authentically cooked Indian recipes. Hot Breads, an Indian restaurant only a 5-minute walk from our apartment, has the world’s best dal curry and fresh out of the oven garlic naan bread. Many brunches were had there and it’s a spot that’ll be missed something terribly.


But, I’m thankful for my time living in a both affordable and friendly area with such a strong diversity of cultures.


Have you been to Irving, TX? If so, Tweet me at @CaptainKasoff because I love to hear more about this place!