Africans feel that corruption is worsening. At least, according to a poll released by Transparency International in December 2015. Transparency International is a non-governmental organization based in Berlin aimed at creating a corruption-free world. Transparency International is recognized as a leading body when it comes to research and surveys on the state of corruption on the global stage. Indexes from the body’s 2015 figures expose the gloomy reality that corruption remains a serious issue in African countries.


where-africans-believe-corruption-is-getting-worse (quartz africa)

(Quartz Africa)

Ghana, for example, ranked 56th least corrupt and came out to the be the seventh least corrupt in the continent. Last year saw a shocking scandal that shook the Ghanaian judiciary system and led to the firing of 20 lower court judges and the suspension of seven High Court judges. Police officers and court officials come up often as being the most corrupt institutions.


On a global stage, there is a dire need to put an end to the abuse of power, bribery, and other manifestations of corruption. Corruption comes at a huge cost to developing economies, as money that should be invested in infrastructure and other amenities is diverted into private bank accounts. Corruption is especially miserable to poor people who bear the brunt of having to pay costly bribes.


However, it is not all doom and gloom. African countries such as Cape Verde, Rwanda, Botswana, and Namibia consistently show that corruption is not a uniquely African problem. But one has to wonder, what are these countries doing different? Is there any formula that other countries can replicate to reduce corruption? Ali Mufuriki of Tanzania’s Infotech Investment Group suggests ethical leadership, established laws against corruption, and severe sanctions for crimes that involve corruption. The question then will be, how many African governments are willing to check against corruption?


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