Normally, one often associates The Lone Star State with BBQ, boots, country music, trucks, Dr. Pepper, Whataburger, and sadly, The Dallas Cowboys. Luckily, there are people who are actively changing the scene of Texas as a whole. Congressman Beto O’Rourke, the many bands in the vibrant Austin music scene, and the legend himself, Willie Nelson, are all people who are actively trying to change the public persona of Texas.


(J. Roy)

One unlikely performer is slowly but surely changing the face of Texas, starting with Dallas itself. She’s performing at all the biggest clubs in Oak Lawn and performing smash hits that leave the clubs bumping with the tunes of today and yesteryear. She does magical shows that become saved Snapchats in the phones of the many patrons of the clubs. This performer is Liberty Freedom, a drag queen and self-described “voice that tells you inside, you’re a star.”


Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with Mrs. Freedom herself about who she is, what she represents, and what she recommends for aspiring drag performers.


“Liberty Freedom comes from the idea of The Great American Dream.  That you can do, be anything you want. That’s really what the aesthetic of what she is within me.”


According to, Dallas has one of the largest LGBT communities in America and the biggest in Texas. Freedom has performed regularly at Station 4, more commonly known as S4. S4, one of the largest LGBT clubs in the country, has a drag show very, very frequently, multiple times in the same weekend actually. Along with four different dance floors, each with their own theme, the club’s drag show will leave you laughing for the next few days. The host, another performer, comes out, usually finds the straight guys in the audience and roasts them to no end. And yes, it’s extremely vulgar, but in the funniest way. Everyone has a great time.


While she’s only performed at S4 and Crossroads, a local Denton bar, she’s made the stage her own.


“While I have many favorites, my favorite so far has been ‘Low’ by Todrick Hall. It’s a play on the classic story of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and mixed in with twerking munchkins. It’s also very upbeat, fun, and really catchy.” Freedom informed me.


About the differences between the two venues she’s performed at, she described them in interesting terms.


“They are both two very different crowds,” Freedom explained, “and very different vibes. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how big the stage is or how small the crowd is. Whoever is there is there to see you. So, give them your all and they will give you their wallet.”


Then, Mrs. Liberty Freedom gave some excellent parting advice for future performers.


“The best advice I can give is to connect with local performers who can help teach you things, be willing to act a fool for some more money and do not take it seriously at the end of the day. You are a man in a wig dancing to a bad pop song. Have fun and live in the moment because this life is short and it’s about doing the most with the little you have.”


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