Tabitha Blue lives her life in a whirlwind of lipstick, cameras, baked goods, and diapers – and she is loving every second of it. Blue has been able to take her busy life and turn it into an infectiously inspiring platform on


Residing on Florida’s gulf coast, Blue opens up her home and family to the web by sharing her favorite things and daily projects. MUIPR sat down with Blue to discuss her success and how she manages to pack all of her tasks into one day.


Tabitha Blue and her family (

Tabitha Blue and her family (

Take me through a typical day in the life of Tabitha Blue!
Blue: Oh, my – this is a hard one, as it changes day to day! But I’ll go through our most normal day…
My kids wake up fairly early (earlier than I’d like most times!), and we all start by shuffling our way into the kitchen – or dancing our way there, depending on how busy we’ve been and how tired we all are! I usually try to get our daily list of “to-do’s” down on paper and answer a few emails before getting our day going. Next up is schooling and any projects we have going on… meetings, photo shoots, building, creating, etc.


My husband and I spend a little time in the office as well during this time, while the kids are able to work quietly, eat lunch, or play together. Since most days, my husband is able to work from home, this also means that I usually try and get the kids out of the house for a little while, so trips to the library are often around here. In the evening, we either take the kids to classes, like karate, make dinner together, swim, play and make the evening about our family… as much as possible.


Bedtime for the kids is where we try and keep our schedule fairly consistent and get them to bed around 7:30pm, and then between 8-9pm is when I really get started on my own work! Yes, the evening hours is when this mama gets most of her work done.


How do you define “work/life balance”? What does that mean in your life?
Blue: I think the definition of “work/life balance” changes daily! From one moment to the next, I can feel balance and then completely off scale again. But, I think we’ve worked out a bit of a routine… all while I’ve learned to let some things go, because though I’d love to, I can’t control everything!


So what does a good work/life balance mean to me? Sometimes it’s just putting out fires wherever they may be, and sometimes I actually feel on top of it and go to bed with a few things crossed of my work to-do list while also having spent some great quality time with my loved ones… that to me is a good day!


What segments of your blog do you find yourself more genuinely interested?
Blue: I find that I may be a very moody person because my interest in each topic changes weekly! When I’m “in the zone” in the kitchen, I love whipping up a great recipe, especially when it has to do with baking! Of course, I love design and style, and those two things cross from home decor into fashion and beauty. Travel is a big part of who I am… who we are, we are a family of explorers. So really, it all takes turns.


Tabitha shows off her favorite nude lipstick for the #PROJECTlipstick campaign (TabithaBlue/Instagram)

Tabitha shows off her favorite nude lipstick for the #PROJECTlipstick campaign (TabithaBlue/Instagram)

How do your children and family impact the segments you choose to cover? Do they participate in the blog at all?
Blue: My entire family participates in! Because they are such a part of my life, it comes across in so much that I do, create and write. On top of that, they always want to be involved when I’m working on something. When I’m in the kitchen, they want to pour and mix and stir. When I’m crafting, they want to paint, cut and glue. They are used to cameras and photo shoots and are beginning to understand the ins and outs of what I do.





You’re an inspiring combination of classic domesticity and modern empowered working woman. What words of wisdom would you hand down to a new mommy, or to young women in general, when it comes to balancing modern and classic home expectations?
Blue: Please, stop worrying about perfection. It’s a lie. Instead, focus on what makes you happy and what makes you come alive. I LOVE being a mom, so that is my priority – shaping and focusing the lives of these sweet little souls entrusted to me, and yet, I LOVE writing and creating and connecting… and that was something I didn’t want to give up. With everything in life, there is a balance. I don’t have it all worked out or perfected, I don’t think any of us do, but when I do what I love, I don’t need to rely on what I “think” I’m supposed to do or what others or culture says I should do. Expectations should be thrown out the window.



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