One thing that The City of Angels is known for, besides Hollywood and the many movie stars, it’s the ample and incredibly diverse amount of food options there. Anyone with any type of palate beyond McDonald’s will never grow tired of the multitude of restaurants, food trucks, bodegas, and trendy hole-in-the-wall joints, each with their own edible flare. Of the many original restaurants in the American powerhouse known as Los Angeles, one restaurant has begun to stand out over the past couple years not only for their unique spin on tacos but also because of their very well-known and humble owner.


(LA Times)

Trejo’s Tacos, owned and occasionally operated by Mr. Danny Trejo of many Robert Rodriguez classics such as “Desperado” and “Spy Kids” as well as having the honor of having his head become a turtle bomb on the meth-cooking rollercoaster known as “Breaking Bad”, has become quite the restaurant and tourist attraction in Los Angeles. With a diverse menu of tacos for both vegans and meat eaters, ranging from a tofu taco to jackfruit and the classic carnitas and spicy shrimp. But instead of just traditional tacos, Trejo’s Tacos also offers bowls and salads from many different genres of culinary delight.


With the bowls, there’s a Mexi-Falafel Bowl, a Cauliflower Bowl and the always cherished blackened salmon. Of course, there’s culinary masterpieces such as steak asada quesadilla and a brisket taco, meaning that there’s no shortage whatsoever on personal choices for what to eat. And, if all of those delectables aren’t enough, you could even get Uncle Machete’s homemade street corn. It’s not called “Uncle Machete’s” though. I was simply making a “Spy Kids” reference.


About two months ago, my roommate and I ventured across all parts of Los Angeles, everywhere from Santa Monica to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. For dinner during that very lengthy day that could’ve been a season of “24”, we decided to travel to a location that him and I had both expressed a strong desire to visit. Especially because we both loved the two “Machete” movies, we knew exactly where we would have dinner.


(Ben Cohen)

Walking in, there’s a life-sized painting of Trejo himself holding two meat cleavers. It’s quite fitting, especially being a fan of the tough guy persona that Trejo so perfectly emulates.


My roommate indulged in the fried chicken lettuce wrap and jackfruit taco while I myself had the fajita chicken taco and an order of their homemade guacamole. While the indoor restaurant area itself is rather small, there’s a vast outdoor patio with ample amounts of space and it’s incredibly dog friendly, too.


The managers as well as Mr. Trejo are clearly intelligent and show awareness in regards to the cult popularity of their restaurants and it’s reputation to tourists and have a back deck dedicated solely to merchandise from grey hats with the restaurant logo to even shirts and bandanas of multiple colors.


All my expectations as a self-proclaimed “foodie who hates the term ‘foodie” were all met, except one crucial want. Since I knew the likelihood of meeting Danny Trejo himself were small given  the fact that he’s a popular and well-respected actor, we sadly didn’t get to meet Machete. Still, in terms of food and hospitality, it passes with flying colors.


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