Quite like the current extremely complex and convoluted American political landscape, cannabis legalization has become a very relevant issue for our neighbors to the North. Similar to how President Obama expressed his support to legalize the plant, Canadian Prime Minister and worldwide heart-throb Justin Trudeau has expressed on many occasions his support for full legalization to the point where cannabis will be entirely legalized in the entire country in one form or another by July 2018.


Even more so than in the supposed “Land of The Free”, access to medical cannabis in Canada for a wide variety of conditions was passed as law in 2001, when the Medical Marihuana Access Regulations was instated as law. A program initiated long before the majority of the United States would legalize marijuana for medicinal reasons, Canada’s policy stated that Canadians can apply for a “Personal Production License” to grow their own medical cannabis, purchase their cannabis from the health department of the Canadian government called Health Canada or even have a third party grow the cannabis for the patients.


If you’re prescribed medical cannabis in Canada, you can buy it from the government. With the ridiculously convoluted laws over weed legalization in America, just let the fact that you will soon be able to purchase your cannabis at a pharmacy chain with over 1,200 locations sink in.


Now, imagine a futuristic scenario where you can walk into your local Walgreens or CVS and purchase your medical cannabis in the same manner you would purchase whatever laundry list of pharmaceutical drugs that some doctors prefer to prescribe as opposed to having to venture to an entirely different dispensary. Well, as nice as that sounds for Americans, this scenario will become a reality for Canadians in the near future.



As far off and almost unrealistic as that scenario sounds, the almost absurd reality of some of the largest pharmacies in the country selling medical cannabis will become very true in Canada.


While not as prevalent as Walgreens, Shoppers Drug Mart still has a total of 1,200 locations throughout Canada and due to the upcoming recreational legalization of cannabis, the company decided to jump on the constantly growing bandwagon by pairing up with an incredibly well-established medical marijuana company.


Aphria, a Leamington, Ontario-based medical cannabis company is the frontrunner to receiving the dubious honor of providing their cannabis to the many patients that visit Shoppers Drug Mart. They’ve shown their intellect on the cannabis industry by being one of the first medical cannabis companies to be granted the very license to grow cannabis for Health Canada in 2013.


While Shoppers Drug Mart has shown interest in the cannabis industry, although that they intend on only selling cannabis instead of producing as well.


After Aphria first received their license, over 79 different cannabis companies have applied for similar licenses. But with the upcoming recreational cannabis boom, experts estimate that hundreds of companies will be needed to reach the projected demand. And with the financial successes that a legalized cannabis market have become in Nevada, the financial boom that’ll happen from an entire country legalizing will be nothing short of world-changing because consultancy firm Deloitte in October estimates that legalizing recreational use of the drug could ignite a $22.6 billion industry in Canada.


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