Reddit’s co-founder Steve Huffman took back his former position of CEO on Friday after Ellen Pao stepped down, and he’s already making plans to change the site’s image.


Last Thursday, Huffman answered questions on an Ask Me Anything thread on Reddit. He used this as an opportunity to discuss the problems he believes the site is facing and the types of changes he plans to make.


“As Reddit has grown, we’ve seen additional examples of how unfettered free speech can make Reddit a less enjoyable place to visit, and can even cause people harm outside of Reddit,” said Huffman in the Reddit thread.


To prevent bullying from occurring both inside and outside of Reddit, Huffman wants to ban posts that give out an individual’s personal information. The new CEO also plans on enforcing the ban on sexual content that involves minors and any other posts that include illegal material.


The posting of illegal and personal information has been banned on Reddit for awhile. However, Huffman recognizes that the site hasn’t been doing a good enough job of following its own policy and says that “we really need to enforce it better.”


What caused Huffman to try and enact change in the company in the past week when Reddit’s policies have gone loosely enforced for years? Recently, Pao stepped down as CEO of Reddit after users and moderators of the site harassed her into quitting.


Ellen Pao, former CEO of Reddit

Ellen Pao stepped down from her position as CEO of Reddit last week. (

“I, along with several colleagues, was targeted with harassing messages, attempts to post my private information online and death threats,” wrote Pao in the Washington Post.


Pao was the target of harassment after she fired Reddit moderator’s favorite employee, Victoria Taylor. The reason for Taylor’s termination is unknown, but the harassment Pao received from this incident is likely the reason Huffman is pushing strict policies.


Some members of the community may lash out against these changes at first, but enforcing Reddit’s policies is an important step in ending harassment online. Huffman will likely receive negative messages from those the disagree with his proposed plan, which just proves his point that the harassment needs to end.


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