Social Good Nigeria recently revealed the PopUp Incubator Project, which will foster the development of technological skills for Nigerian techies.


A self-described “interface between technology and community development,” Social Good Nigeria is a network of innovators and socio-preneurs that combines an interest in emerging technologies with a passion for social good. The organization’s mission is to embrace the potential of technology and to direct this potential toward tackling socioeconomic issues in Nigeria and Africa.


The PopUp Incubator Project is launched by the partnership of Social Good Nigeria and the Swedish government with a goal of fostering a knowledge exchange between the two groups.


Swedish Ambassador to Nigeria Svante Kilander

Swedish Ambassador to Nigeria Svante Kilander has expressed his enthusiasm for the project’s inclusion of women. (

The project aims to develop “the capacities of techies, entrepreneurs, young professionals and most importantly to promote women and girls’ involvement in the ICT Sector in Nigeria.”


Sweden’s mission to promote and uphold the equality of women led them to offer assistance to the gender-inclusive project. An intention to include women will combat the sexist tendency to exclude women from the technology world.


The PopUp Incubator Project represents an important step in Nigeria’s attempt to stimulate socio-economic growth through information and communication technologies. It can also provide assistance to alleviating some of Nigeria’s current issues, like a poverty rate at 60 percent and high illiteracy rates.


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