In terms of stereotypes, the one of Texas being a huge hub for all types of wine, both red and white, probably isn’t a super common one at all. That and the stereotype of us all being good at rap because Post Malone is from Dallas.


Yet, it’s true. The wine one, not the Post Malone one.


Countless well-known brands, everything from Kuhlman Cellars Roussanne for white wine lovers and Llano Estacado Winery for red wine lovers, all are manufactured here in Texas. Wine is just as loved of an adult beverage as Shiner is and the massive festival that I attended yesterday certainly proved that.


About 40 minutes north of the metropolitan area of Dallas lies Grapevine, a quaint Texan town with a rich history that includes Sam Houston, wild mustang grapes and The Republic of Texas (1). Named due to the large amount of grapevines found in the area by the original settlers were it’s namesake, giving it the name “Grapevine” as a result. It’s a beautiful town with many famous residents, such as Blindspot actress Jaimie Alexander and even, yes, Post Malone himself.


In the town, one of their most cherished events that brings in large crowds of people from all across the DFW metroplex every year. The 31st Annual Grapevine Grapefest, a festival celebrating only the best in wine of Texas. Every brand possibly imaginable was present in full force with more samples, tastings and merchandise than one could ever hope to have. And Grapefest didn’t have exclusively Texas wine as brands from New York and Canada were present.


On top of that, this festival held on a very sunny Thursday afternoon had the classic grape stomping. People, possibly a bit too wine tipsy to be doing so, would stomp quicker than a riverdancer and attempt to essentially make their own wine. Sadly, as I’m horribly uncoordinated and flat-footed, I didn’t stomp any grapes or I would’ve fallen down.  



Along with the many activities associated with wine and the wine culture of Texas, there was a golf classic and an Italian car festival that contained every luxury brand that Italian automobile production has become known for. Fiats to Lamborghinis and Ferraris aplenty. I know luxury cars and wine doesn’t sound like a good combination, but you couldn’t operate them in any other way than sitting in them. Still, the fleet of luxury cars I witnessed inspired me to become the next Mark Cuban.


As expected at a wine festival, they had wine pairing dinners with some of the highest quality food and the highest prices. Due to the dinner being $50 a plate, I only read the menu. But the menu was equally as inspiring to work hard and be wealthy as the Italian car festival was. Smoked Crab Bruschetta was a deliciously expensive option and so was the Filet Marsala with grilled veggies and potatoes.


Overall, it was a jolly old time and although I didn’t win any prizes, I saw the appeal, the camaraderie and the fun associated with the vast wine community in North Texas.


Are you a wine aficionado or just a casual fan? If so, Tweet me at @CaptainKasoff because I’d love to learn more.