Many states, Massachusetts and Oregon included, have set effect laws that have effectively changed the age that one must be to purchase tobacco products to 21, the same year one may drink legally. These states have put in these new regulations in an attempt to decrease the number of health-related issues that consuming tobacco products frequently can cause.


As The Lone Star State is currently working on legislation to increase the age to 21, one particular product, a popular vaporizer brand, has now become 21+ nationwide. The interesting part is that unlike alcohol where all brands are illegal for anyone under 21 to consume or buy, only the Juul brand of vaporizers are going be made 21+, effective August 23, 2017.


Through friends, I met a vape shop employee in Houston. For identity reasons, we’ll call him “Leon.” As he prepared cookies with weed in them and glazed them with a cannabis-infused tincture, Leon explained the self-described “Gold Rush” of Juul vaporizers that his store experienced compared to the other brands.


“Houston is a very population-dense city and you have that many high schools. When they’re all interconnected and all the people hang out with each other, one fad gets spread around like wildfire. Whenever it comes to highs and finding weed and stuff like that, people are on top of it. They know which smoke shop to go to where they know they won’t get ID’d.”


(Juul Vapor)

As he set the timer on the oven, Leon continued.


“This thing (Juul) came around. And even to exclude the minors off of it, in the vape world, they were the first people to say ‘Let’s make a high nicotine cartridge device. Something very low maintenance. Once you’re done, you just pop in a new one. No cleaning.’ This appealed to so many smokers and vapers that they switched from the big boxy mods to this.”


While making the final touches to the batch of weed cookies, Leon went into the specifics of the vape business and just how revolutionary Juul cartridges became.


“At the shop that I work out, we were making two or three thousand a day just on big boxy vapes. Now, the only demand we get are those (Juul). And so, it got to the point where we were literally about to go out of business, and Juul, within the same week, picked up their production lines and distribution. We got more shipment in and were able to sustain us on just that and that’s what we’re holding onto.”


The Juul products, this simple yet revolutionary device for vapers and smokers alike. A product that one could consume nicotine discreetly and won’t smell like cigarettes after, either.


Leon hypothesized that Juul and Pax, the successful vaporizer company that actually bought out Juul, will “become the next Marlboro.” The products can be found in most gas stations already and Leon doesn’t see any signs of them slowing down. He then explained the very economical way that Juul appeals to both smokers and vapers.


“If a smoker or vaper sees that he could pay $15 for four packs of cigarettes worth of nicotine instead of $20 or $30, he’s going to do it. And seeing as there’s more nicotine, that mean there’s more people that get addicted. You have all these teenagers that’ve never smoked a cigarette in their life. They just want something to vape. And they go this because it’s small, they can hide it from their parents and it’s a quick little fix. But it has so much nicotine in it. Next thing you know, you’re puffing on it all day like I am.”


Leon then recanted his tale of purchasing a Juul for the first time and the ways that his peers would gain access to them, all while truly explaining a very valid and possible reason why their products are now 21+.


“It was my freshman year of high school and I was going to a very sketchy shop in Houston. Spending like $50 or $60 on something I knew they were up charging me on because they knew I was a minor. If you go on the Juul retailer map and you’ll see a trend. All the high schools (in Houston) are on the west side. Since they’re all interconnected, they just ask their friends which smoke shops don’t ID. Simple as that. Almost my whole high school was addicted to them.”


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