Lynn P. has a passionate dream. She dreams of helping black people become wise investors through a social, more enjoyable learning experience. Buy the Block is an investment platform set up as a community effort through crowdsourcing. The program is set to launch mid-April, and its goal is to help black people learn about investing in a peer learning environment, through contributions they can afford.


With Buy the Block, Lynn P. hopes to help more black Americans become property owners.

This minimizes the fear and risk associated with investing in real estate property, and creates more of a friendly and family-oriented environment. The current goal is at $60,000 and contributors are asked to help raise funds needed for start-up capital. The funds will help create their website and app. In turn, Buy the Block will help the contributor buy a piece of their very first block.


Buy Black Economics is owned and operated by Lynn P.  She founded the program in order to further her mission and passion for helping black people in the areas of real estate and project development. With an in-house management team that is able to lead the company’s development strategy, Buy the Block stands a real chance of continued growth. It can become the avenue toward ownership that the average person of color might not have had otherwise.  


“We have a blueprint of what works, and it will produce results. We are here to stay and lead the way by making real investing easier than ever,” Lynn P. stated. She admits the campaign is still one that is ongoing, and it is hard to tell just where it will end up. It is her hope, however, that people will continue to contribute to the effort and become an investor. Anyone interested may submit their contributions on the Buy Black Economics website.


Lynn P. is trying to change the face of investing by inviting the people to become a part of the process and take ownership. This way we become a people who do not just live in the village, but own it, blocks at a time.


Would you be willing to take advantage of this type of investing? Let’s discuss here or on Twitter: @lcarterwriter.