Without an education, life can be extremely difficult in countries such as India. Poverty is the norm, and money is very scarce. When Rajesh Sharma grew up, he set his mind on becoming an engineer, so he could earn a good living for himself and his family. When his parents could no longer finance his education, his life took a detour down a different path.  


There were school-aged children playing in the slum areas of New Delhi one day, and Sharma took notice of them. He inquired of some of the parents as to why their children were not in school. He was told they could not afford to send them to school. Sharma decided at that moment, that he had to do something.


He decided if the children could not afford to have a school teacher, he would be their teacher. Sharma took to holding “class” under a bridge. There are no desks or chairs, and everything they have has been donated. Sharma teaches every day from 9am to 2pm. His subjects include English, Hindi, history, geography, math, and science.



He started with just a few children, but soon his “school” grew to around 200 kids. Sharma has been teaching willfully and faithfully each day for the past seven years. After teaching, he then goes to his grocery store and works another eight hours each day. Sharma encourages the children to later attend government school in order to go even further in their education.


He understands that the education he provides to these kids only serves as a launching pad. His hope is for them to have a hunger and desire to learn even more. If they go on to further their education as he advises, it will just increase their chances to have a good life and avoid the pitfalls of poverty. For a stranger to care that much for other children and their welfare, is remarkable.


It bears mentioning that Sharma is not a missionary serving on the mission fields. He is also not a teacher putting his credentials to good use. He is simply a man who gives of his time, knowledge, and most of all hope to the children who need it most.


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