Women have had the opportunity to make incredible strides as entrepreneurs in the past decade alone, but it’s easy to forget that a country’s economic structure can greatly impact the success of women in the workforce. A country has to be especially suitable for women to have the freedom of advantage to trade in the corporate life to venture out on their own.


A nation’s suitability toward female entrepreneurs is of such high interest that even the Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute took the initiative to commission a global study of 30 developing and developed economies in relation to female business owners. The study evaluated and scored each country on business and gender-specific issues and how they impact the growth of “high potential” businesswomen.


Project Director Ruta Aidis defined “high potential” women as entrepreneurs who aren’t just starting a business for themselves but are adding jobs, expanding into new markets and even looking for export opportunities.


So, which international markets are most suited for women going out on their own? The top favorites include:


1. United States


2. Australia


3. Sweden


4-5. France


4-5. Germany


6. Chile


What factors influenced the findings of this study, exactly? The countries were scored based on their access to capital, business risk, legal rights and access to education for women and rate of female startup activity.


Perhaps most surprising to round out this list is Chile. Viewed as an unlikely contender by many, the country actually supports women’s ventures more so than numerous European nations. Startup Chile, an organization designed to encourage high-potential startups, has catapulted growth in the country.


If other countries focused as much on women’s freedom and advantageous pursuits as these top entities,  then the competition on this top list might be even more surprising. At the bottom of the ranking were Uganda, Egypt, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Women’s rights majorly affect the calculations in these rankings, urging all nations to develop more freedom for women to decide their own futures in business.


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