At MUI, we believe that travel informs quality PR. Travel teaches life: it teaches different peoples and different cultures. Read on to explore Berlin, Germany – this week’s featured city in Travel Spotlight.


One of the first things you may notice while walking around Berlin is contrast. A historic city and home to a number of governments over the years, Berlin certainly has its fair share of old and traditional architecture.


During the World War II, however, Berlin was heavily bombed and needed a facelift. Some monuments and buildings were restored; others were recreated. The result is a jumble of the old and the new in Berlin.


The Reichstag, the current meeting place of Germany’s legislative body, the Bundestag, is a perfect embodiment of Germany’s contrast between the old and the new. The building was abandoned after a fire and World War II, then restored and re-imagined.


Berlin's cuisine reflects the city's creativity with an impressive offering of vegetarian, vegan, and organic options. (

Berlin’s cuisine reflects the city’s creativity with an impressive offering of vegetarian, vegan, and organic options. (

Esteemed English architect Norman Foster led the building’s restoration. A modern glass dome sits atop the Reichstag and offers panoramic views of the city. Foster turned the building from ruins into the second most visited site in the entire country.


This sort of imaginative power and creativity is characteristic of Berlin. In fact, UNESCO recognized Berlin as an official City of Design for such creativity.


Creative industries — in start-ups and the arts, for instance — comprise a significant portion of Berlin’s overall economy. And such creativity spills into other areas of the city’s culture.


Berlin’s creativity manifests itself in the city’s esteemed vegan and organic cuisine, its zoo that contains the world’s most diverse collection of species, and its incredible nightlife scene.


By all means, be sure to visit the museums and galleries in Berlin, explore the history, and walk along the Berlin wall. But be sure to tap into the city’s well of creativity and innovation.


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