Comfort food, in all its varieties, are almost a staple in Texas. Apple pie, macaroni and cheese, fried chicken and donuts, all in rapid abundance in The Lone Star State. Nachos, cakes the size of your head, and most importantly, hamburgers. We have more hamburger places within the 268,000 sq. miles of Texas than one could ever need. Yet, one restaurant is changing the formula in terms of normal comfort food.


Spiral Diner & Bakery is your usual diner-bakery hybrid with one catch; it’s entirely vegan.


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Started 14 years ago with only three employees, the stores have grown rapidly. With three locations and over 60 employees, Spiral shows no signs of slowing down and their concept is simple yet original and delicious. Every item on their menu, from their Cowboy Burger to their Hell’s Half Acre Plate, is made entirely from plant-based products. Their nacho cheese is made from cashews and their burger patties are either made from quinoa, soy protein or a portobello mushroom cap.


At Texas Veggie Fair in Reverchon Park in Dallas during October of last year, Spiral had a food truck set up. It looked incredibly appetizing and I had their Spicy Buffalo Chik’n Nachos. Stacked tall with everything usually found in normal nachos, they’re a completely vegan stack of nachos. The cheese is their signature cashew cheese, the sour cream is non-dairy, all the vegetables are naturally vegan and most importantly is their use of chik’n, a vegan version of chicken made from wheat gluten or seitan. It’s a very common meat replacement that comes as a white powder which, with your desired spices and water, can become a tasty alternative to meat.


Another great aspect of Spiral Diner and Bakery are the desserts. One would think desserts without milk wouldn’t be enjoyable. But, complete with desserts titled “The Deathstar Sundae” and “Chocolate Mountain Mudslide” and even The Warm Chocolate Chip Sundae, any misconceptions about their desserts would quickly subside.


And I haven’t even spoken about the bakery side of Spiral. With the classic flavors as well as some rather uncommon flavors such as Amaretto Cream and Spiked Mocha. The cakes come in a variety of sizes, from six to ten inches and sold by the slice or as a whole cake. The cupcakes, also sold in just as many flavors as the cakes, are sold individually and by the dozen as well.  


Spiral Diner & Bakery’s newest location is on East Hickory Street in the heart of Mean Green Country, where Scrappy and The Pioneers reign. In the recent years, Denton as a city has exploded and many popular restaurant chains, BJ’s and Raising Cane’s just to name two, have been putting locations all around The Little D. Along with the growing population comes people with different dietary restrictions and more business for growing restaurant chains such as Spiral with a niche market to open a brand new location.       


Veganism This October in Reverchon Park, the 7th Annual Texas Veggie Fair, an entirely vegan food festival will be going on. Especially with restaurants such as Spiral and El Palote, a Mexican restaurant that is 100% vegan, it’s proof that veganism is a growing movement in The Lone Star State, as well as the remainder of America and is continuing to spread throughout the country.


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