After eight years in the White House alongside President Barack Obama, Michelle Obama will be remembered as one of the greatest First Ladies in history. As the first African-American First Lady, she’s already making history in her own right, but it is her working-class roots and Ivy League education that makes Michelle Obama an icon to the everyday woman.




Described by her husband in Vogue as “brilliant, funny and generous,” she is a champion who knows when it’s time to be serious and when it’s time to be funny. We will always remember her hilarious, humanizing appearances on television with Ellen DeGeneres and James Corden, among others.


While Americans have another four years to see what kind of figure our next First Lady will be in the spotlight, Michelle Obama has left an indelible place in our hearts with her amazing speeches, dedication to giving back to military veterans, outreach in youth culture to make healthier choices, and amazing sense of style, which gave her three Vogue covers in three years.


Michelle Obama showed the world how intellect and class never go out of style in the spotlight.


She used social media to reach youth. Michelle Obama, like her husband, is incredibly enthusiastic about using technology to further their advocacy. She started a Snapchat channel with her name “Michelle Obama,” where she encourages millennials to post about where they are planning to go to college and why they are excited about it. She also posted a Youtube video with Alexis Bledel as her beloved “Gilmore Girls” character, Rory, where the First Lady interviewed Bledel about the importance of the Let Girls Learn initiative, an effort that supports fighting for girls’ education around the world.





She used her platform to further important conversations. She speaks up for students to develop healthier eating and exercise habits, fights for international adolescent girls education with the “Let Girls Learn” initiative, and launched “Reach Higher,” an effort that ensures students to complete their education past high school, whether it is through community college or a four-year university.


Michelle Obama uses her position of power for good, which makes her one of this generation’s most respectable role models.


She inspired us with her words, over and over again. Obama speaks with a clarity and an eloquence unique to any American First Lady.


One inspiring example is when she spoke at City College of New York where she spoke to several students about the importance of overcoming adversity and developing resilience. Recently, Michelle was at a Hillary Clinton rally and spoke up for women everywhere when she challenged Donald Trump’s infamously predatory remarks about women revealed in the Trump Tapes.


Her background as a lawyer and former administrator shine each time she takes a podium and speaks to people.




Her humble, friendly personality made her someone you wanted to be friends with. Michelle Obama is clearly articulate and intelligent, but she also has fun. She danced on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show,” “the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,” and at the White House Easter Egg Roll. She sang at Carpool Karaoke with James Corden, showing off her knowledge of Beyonce songs.



For these reasons and so many more, Michelle Obama will be missed and will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the more influential First Ladies of all time.


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