Women’s empowerment is no laughing matter, but one organization is proving that it may actually be fun and games.


One World Play Project  is an organization that believes that where play happens, change happens. Its mission is to use sport and play to bring concepts like conflict resolution, gender equality, and health awareness to children around the world, especially in regions where harsh circumstances, like war or social unrest, are highly prevalent.


The organization’s latest initiative, All Girls Can Play, is now making the mission more specific and moving to empower young girls around the world.


The idea is that encouraging girls to become active and get involved in sports will build up their confidence and give them valuable opportunities to practice leadership. Playing a sport can help girls realize their full potential and essentially build a strong foundation for continued success and growth throughout their lives. These activities can also enforce principles like teamwork, strength, commitment, and the ability to recognize and learn from mistakes.



In partnering with other organizations like Women Win and BAWSI, One World Play Project hopes to distribute 2,200 One World Futbols — super durable balls that never go flat — to young girls all around the world over the next three months as a part of the All Girls Can Play initiative.


All Girls Can Play also advocates the overall global need for women’s empowerment. This initiative is about communicating positive messages in a way that connects to audiences on an emotional and creative level. All Girls Can Play has introduced a novel formula for global change that allows this message and initiative to stand out, while forcing the audience to broaden traditional ideas about empowerment.


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