In a historical move, Canada law has allowed a 12-year-old transgendered boy in Alberta to change his sex on his birth certificate.


The 12-year-old boy, named Wren Kauffman, filed a complaint with the Alberta Human Rights Commission “based on the inability to amend his listed sex.” Similar complaints were filed in three other provinces of Canada, and Ontario already has dropped their policy.


Wren Kauffman was presented his new birth certificate by the province’s culture minister, Heather Klimchuk at the Edmonton’s pride brunch hosted by the city’s major. According to The Star, “A spokesperson for the minister says the new certificate simply has an ‘M’ instead of an ‘F.'”


Kauffman stated that it was stressful to be listed as a female on his birth certificate.


Originally, since the change in the 1970s, adults over the age of 18 could change the sex on their birth certificates after receiving sex reassignment surgery. However, the revision purposefully left out children, since one would have to be over 18 to even be eligible for sex reassignment surgery.


In Alberta, Canadian law states that before someone can change the sex on their birth certificates, they must first have reassignment surgery. However, Premier Dave Hancock said that the surgery will no longer be required to change their birth certificate, saying it violated the rights of transgender people.


The hope is that this move will further allow other provinces to solidify this amend their laws in order to allow more transgendered people the right to change the sex on they birth certificate.


What do you think this means for future transgendered children or adults looking to change their gender? How do you think this will change the views of transgendered children? Do you think this will change laws in other countries, like the United States? Let me your thoughts in the comments below or tweet me @kateeb790!