According to the Forbes 2017 list of the top 20 billionaires in the world, if you acquired $100 billion today, you would still not be listed as the wealthiest person on earth. With the success of the 2017 retail shopping sales along with a stock price increase of 2.5 percent, e-commerce juggernaut Amazon founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos, has now found himself in the number one spot for the world’s billionaires.  


A personal statement that I live by is that if your net worth exceeds the entire gross domestic product of some countries, then you know that you are “balling.” According to Metro UK, the Amazon founder is even richer than many countries around the world, including Iceland, Tunisia, Jamaica, and Estonia combined. With an official net worth of $108.9 billion, Jeff Bezos is officially the wealthiest American in recent history, more than Microsoft founder Bill Gates or even Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. 


One of the chief reasons for Bezos’ surge to the top of the wealthiest people in the world list, is due to a drastic rise in stock prices over the past few months, including a 1.4 percent increase this past Monday, that added $1.4 billion to Bezos’ net worth. According to Metro UK, with 78.9 million shares in ownership stake at Amazon, Bezos has seen his overall net worth grow from $21 billion in 2012 to his most recent standing.


value of 1000 invested in amazon

Amazon valuation (business insider)

Doing the math — which involves more numbers than I have seen or even used since my entry level college math course — I can deduce that Bezos’ earnings over since 2012 was roughly $330 million per week.


Although Bezos’ accomplishments are certainly noteworthy, numerous reports of him being “the richest man in history” might not wholly be the truth because of two critical words when discussing historical net worth of notable individuals; inflation adjustment.


According to the Guardian, after adjusting for inflation, individuals like oil magnate John D. Rockefeller would have a modern-day net worth that is likely more than thrice that of Bezos’. That said though, in today’s standings, Jeff Bezos is currently the wealthiest person in America and in the world for that matter. Additionally, with monumental sales on the e-commerce site during the 2017 holiday season, and large investments in game-changing businesses such as Google and Airbnb, Bezos’ wealth will only increase.


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