The latter part of 2017 has been nothing short of dominated by allegations and occasional admissions of guilt about sexual harassment and assault by notable individuals in all types of industries. Almost no industry was safe from these incidents and many well-known and respected figures in their respective industries have been outed for their sexual misconduct and the consequences of those actions have been drastic to say the least.


Almost on a daily basis, a new person is alleged to either sexually harassed or blatantly assaulted numerous people. What started with an almost infinite amount of stories of sexual and psychological horrors committed by established movie producer Harvey Weinstein became a domino effect that brought up allegations against actors such as Louis C.K. and Kevin Spacey, politicians such as now former Minnesota senator Al Franken and decorated journalists like Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose.


A good amount of other politicians have also had allegations brought against them too. Michigan Representative John Conyers resigned at the end of November amid his own scandal and Texas Rep. Blake Farenthold went so far as to use $84,000 of taxpayer money to settle a sexual harassment scandal. As a tax-paying Texan myself, you could imagine how enraged I feel.


Luckily, Farenthold announced here won’t be running for re-election, so I guess karma does exist sometimes.


Although the many recent sexual misconduct scandals are certainly damning and have usually caused the accused to either be terminated or resign, no one has taken their life over the matter. Well, that is until this past Wednesday.


Representative for the 49th District in Kentucky and Evangelical pastor Dan Johnson was a notable figure both in his church and due to some of the claims he made without any concrete evidence, such as making assumptions that his opponent for his position, Democrat Linda Belcher, had sent “Chicago thugs” to harass his family. Also, he referred to former President Obama and Michelle Obama as apes on Facebook along with several anti-Islamic posts.


“Allah sucks. Mohammed sucks. Islam sucks. Any of you Hadji’s have an issue with me saying this, PM me and I’ll gladly give you my address. You can come visit me, where I promise I will KILL YOU in my front yard!!”, the not too friendly post read.


Although claiming to be a very religious man to the point where he self-proclaimed himself to be the “pope of his church”, The Heart of Fire Church was investigated for selling alcohol without a license on three different occasions. Johnson’s claims of setting up an impromptu morgue outside of Ground Zero near the 9/11 attacks were proven to be completely false by the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting.


On December 11, KCIR published an investigation detailing a victim’s account of Johnson sexually assaulting a 17 year old on New Year’s Eve 2013 in his church in Louisville. The report said that Johnson, while intoxicated in an apartment under the fellowship hall, molested the young lady who considered him to a “a second father” to her.



The victim did in fact report the incident to Louisville Metro Police Department in April 2013, yet no charges were ultimately brought up against Johnson and the investigation was soon closed after.


All accusations were denied by Johnson and his family immensely, almost to the point of imitating the Roy Moore scandal. Yet only two days after these accusations were brought up of child molestation, Dan Johnson posted an incredibly bizarre Facebook post and drove to a bridge outside Mount Washington, Kentucky with a .40 caliber handgun then proceeded to take his own life.


Someone’s suicide is never something to cheer about, even if the person was as controversial as Johnson. Hopefully, his family and the community will heal in due time.


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