When America elected a reality television star as the nation’s Commander in Chief, we should have expected his administration to be reminiscent of a reality TV show itself. With more in-fighting and backstabbing insults towards one another — not to mention more firings and dismissals than any administration previously — the Trump administration has become more dramatic and childish than a hybrid of “Jersey Shore” and “Keeping Up with The Kardashians”.


To get America through this turbulent political time and give its residents a good laugh, political memes became quite the craze in 2017, with entire subreddits and social media pages being dedicated to memes roasting several eccentric characters of the current administration. While the most popular set of political memes are the Biden/Obama memes otherwise known as “Joebama”, Trump and his unorthodox sayings have become fodder for equally popular memes. For example, his use of the phrase “This has been the worst trade deal in the history of trade deals” has being used for memes depicting poorly received trades.


Hall of Presidents Trump Robot

Trump Robot (The Independent)

Recently, CNN published a list of nine Internet-lampooned political personalities, many of whom are in the Trump administration. Given the controversial and peculiar characters of his administration, I could only imagine how challenging this list was to compile.


At the top of the list is Donald Trrump, the Cheeto Bandito himself — there are simply too many moments to condense into one list for this man. From his use of “covfefe” in a tweet in May, to staring directly at the solar eclipse without any protective eye wear in August, and always feeling the need to show cameras in The Oval Office exactly which executive orders he’s signing, there is too much material to work with for such an unusual president. 


Next on the list is Sean Spicer, former Press Secretary and possibly the only person to actually say “Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons” without exploding from sheer stupidity. With the blatant falsehoods and lies that he told the press, Spicey’s quirks became so well known and loved in such an ironic way that beloved actress Melissa McCarthy brilliantly parodied him on “Saturday Night Live” in early February so well that she appeared three more times as the former Press Secretary.


Angela Merkel with Vladimir Putin

German chancellor Merkel with Russian president Vladimir Putin (nymag)

Two very powerful women, come in at spots three and four. Trump’s campaign manager and now Counselor Kellyanne Conway, well known for consistently defending many of the president’s bizarre comments, holding up flashcards during interviews with Chuck Todd and coining the new definition for gaslighting also known as “alternative facts.” Additionally, German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s look of disbelief each time Trump says something ridiculous has made them both sources of memes and humorous Twitter posts.


The number five spot goes to former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci — also known as The Mooch — whose political career tragically lasted just 10 days. His career at the White House was cut short because of a rather vulgar interview with The New Yorker. Since then, memes based on Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey’s film “How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days” have been made in The Mooch’s honor.


In the number six spot is Melania Trump and the memes based on the “body double” conspiracy theory surrounding an appearance she made with the president in October of 2017; in the number seven spot is America’s 43rd President, George W. Bush. He made the list primarily for his inability to use a poncho properly at Trump’s inauguration last January.


In the eighth spot is former First Lady Michelle Obama for, above all else, giving a very Jim Halpert-like look to cameras recording her giving Melania and Donald a present at the inauguration. While Michelle stated that the look was because she felt melancholy about leaving 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, her reactions were still very meme-worthy.


In last place is Louise Linton, Scottish actress and wife of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, who made the list because of an instagram post she wrote, complaining about the amount that she and Mnuchin pay in taxes — and yet, the picture featured in the post, was of her glamorously dressed walking off a government plane.


Overall, 2017 will most likely go down as the most divisive, controversial and meme-worthy year of our time; I hope there is no drought on dank political memes in 2018.

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