With the restaurant industry constantly evolving, countless restaurant chains may end up adapting to the change by trying a variety of options such as new policies and items on the menus, new concepts and designs within the restaurant and integration with mobile technology for the tech-obsessed customers — or in the case of Verts Mediterranean Grill, rename the entire chain to a much more ambiguous title of Noon Mediterranean.


Whether it’s a local burger place or a major powerhouse with thousands of locations like Chili’s, restaurants are always looking for innovative ways to use their traditions and themes to appeal to new demographics and changes in the dining industry in general. The best example of this change today, would be when popular restaurants develop a mobile app that their customers can use to pay and gain points to use on future orders. It is so convenient and the added benefit of gaining points to use on food is always fantastic.  


Although many restaurants have gone through some type of transformation, the one chain I never anticipated going through any major changes would be the provider of the country’s best donuts and quick breakfast foods, Dunkin Donuts (Given my paternal heritage of Long Island in New York, I have a fondness for Dunkin Donuts and their almost never-ending choices of donuts that I don’t have for any other donut chain).


An image of the new dunkin donuts uniforms designed by life is good

Life is Good (Dunkin Donuts)

A Dunkin Donuts location in Quincy, Massachusetts, the very city that where the franchise started, has become the location where the legendary donuts chain will be unveiling their new model of their “next generation concept store”. 


In a press release, Dunkin Donuts suggests that the decor changes will include utilization of natural light and brighter colors on the interior, integration of new technologies like “the first drive-thru exclusively for mobile ordering,” and utilization of 25% less energy than a normal location would. 


One of the best aspects of the new Dunkin Donuts new concept store that will most likely be popular among Millennials, is the implementation of nitro infused cold brew coffee among many other new choices. As an added bonus for the groundbreaking new generation, employees will use espresso machines designed to maximize flavor in their products and their  uniforms will be designed by the clothing brand that promotes positivity and optimism as it’s values, Life is Good.


The “next generation” model of the store in Quincy, will be used at 30 other locations. With multiple versions of the store designs that Dunkin Donuts is experimenting with, it’ll be exciting to see which model triumphs and becomes the most popular.


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