The push for tourism within African countries is growing with more shows dedicated to celebrating African tourism. Billed as the United Kingdom’s “largest tourism marketing event on the African calendar,” the 2016 Africa Travel show is set to launch next month in July. It seems to be completely different from the Africa Travel show, which took place in March last year in Nairobi, Kenya.


The UK Africa Travel show will feature tour operators, tourism boards, travel agents, hotels, airlines, and more in order to give visitors special insight into what Africa has to offer to tourists. The travel show will host over 40 exhibitors from different African countries. It is specifically arranged to attract British buyers and partners to African destinations.



While showcasing African tourism, the show will also offer deals and will be focused on developing African tourism through collaboration with identified partners. Over 3,000 visitors are expected to attend the Africa Travel show, which will draw exhibits from over 100 African destinations. The one-day show will take place July 2 at the CEME conference centre in East London, United Kingdom. Its media partnership with VOX Africa television means even more people will get insight into the current African tourism trends.


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