We all should’ve anticipated that when a reality television star was elected to the highest office in the land, The White House along with modern American politics itself would essentially become a reality television show.


In the 11 months that Donald Trump has been our Oompa Loompa-in-Chief, the doors of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue have become a set of revolving doors with countless politicians, Goldman Sachs executives and random people loyal to Trump all coming in and out. The president’s cabinet always seems to less like a government body and more like a season of “The Walking Dead”, with many characters being sent away while very few original characters still remaining.


Whether it was for matters related to the Russia investigation or personal matters, several members of Trump’s staff have either quit or fired quicker than some contestants on “The Apprentice”. Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was fired within weeks of Trump moving into The White House, Sean Spicer resigned as Press Secretary and only ten days after starting his position as White House Communications Director, Anthony Scaramucci was relieved of his duties partially due to his expletive-laced interview about various members of the Trump administration with The New Yorker.


The contents and quotes of this interview are so insanely vulgar that I can’t quote it here, but please read the transcript if you need a good laugh. All I’ll say is that, among many things, Scaramucci accuses former White House chief political strategist and human-gargoyle hybrid Steve Bannon of let’s just say, being very flexible.


And speaking of Bannon, he was removed from his position this past August yet still caused drama with several established Republicans such as House Majority Leader Mitch McConnell over the recent tumultuous Alabama Senate race along with many other issues.


Any sane person would hope that all the bickering, in-fighting and other types of dysfunction would end. Yet, in this reality television presidency, the drama is neverending.


The “reality TV show” presidency reached new heights of ridiculousness when President Trump announced his pick for the Director of Communications for The Office of Public Liaison was notorious contestant on both “The Apprentice” and “Celebrity Apprentice” Omarosa Manigault. You don’t need to be a political analyst to understand how vital loyalty is to Trump and even though he “fired” Manigault on numerous occasions, she stayed fiercely loyal to him.


However, her loyalty may have been recently breached when it was revealed that Manigault was removed from her position. While there are conflicting reports as to exactly what happened, some sources report that Omarosa was physically dragged from White House after demanding to speak to President Trump directly but other sources claim that she amicably resigned without a scene. Reports are differing in terms of exactly what happened on December 13, but the simple facts are that Manigault is no longer at her position.


During her time at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Manigault caused many controversies including and not limited to bringing 39 of her bridesmaids to The White House for a bridal photo shoot, purposely showed President Trump negative news about him and may have assisted in some of the president’s most controversial tweets.



Due to her provocative nature in the government, I feel that “Good Morning America” host Robin Roberts summed up the feelings of many Americans after Manigault’s resignation or possible firing was announced.


“Bye, Felicia.” she plainly said, quoting the always classic line from the Ice Cube and Chris Tucker-starring “Friday.”


Manigault is just another name to the almost endless list of former Trump aides mentioned above. Just like “The Apprentice”, there’s no definitive way to know exactly which administration member will be the next to be fired.


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