Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, has been trailing in every national poll against Democratic political rival, Hillary Clinton, since the beginning of the presidential race. However, a Bloomberg Politics national poll recently discovered that Sanders has jumped ahead of Clinton: 49 percent of support to Clinton’s 38 percent.


Sanders crushed Clinton in all three of the primaries that took place last weekend in Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii. His campaign has gained a huge increase in momentum for the candidate, despite vital caucus losses earlier this month. Before his leap into first place, many members of the Democratic establishment, media pundits, and Clinton supporters have been calling for Sanders to exit the race. Sanders has shut down these calls a numerous amount of times. His newfound lead has seemingly shocked Clinton, as she has gone back to forming attacks against the Vermont senator.



This is the first time Sanders has been in front in months. Current polls consistently show Sanders’ electability is miles ahead of the other leading candidates on both sides of the aisle. A Sanders vs. Trump general election is projected at 58 percent to 34 percent, while a Clinton vs. Trump is a projected 54 percent to 36 percent. Not only is Sanders ahead of Clinton in the national polls now, but he also does better in terms of electability, according to Bloomberg Politics.


The national ideology only one year ago was in favor of a Clinton nomination. In theory, Clinton should have dominated Sanders in the race, especially when Clinton had a 54 point lead over Sanders. To much of the public’s surprise, Clinton’s edge had over Sanders has become much less prominent, leading to this eventual lead for Bernie.


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