Food-based allergies, regardless of exactly what type, are always inconvenient. Whether it’s the ever present lactose intolerance or random allergies such as my father’s allergy to figs, food-based allergies could limit the types of foods one could eat drastically. And of all the allergies regarding food, one allergy has been receiving great amounts of attention recently due partially to the millions affected by it but also those who wish to adhere to a particular diet.


With the advent of all types of food being considered gluten free, Celiac Disease has found its way into the limelight. For those unaware, Celiac Disease is an inability to digest gluten, the protein found in most bread and bread products such as rye. According to WebMD, Celiac Disease is in absolutely no way a rare condition.


Up to three million Americans have been diagnosed with Celiac, equating to about one in one hundred people. Yet, even with all the physical and culinary that Celiac can cause, there’s a silver lining in the form of the multitude of popular foods now considered gluten free. The sheer amount of foods that someone with Celiac or someone that personally prefers to avoid gluten can now consume is nothing short of astounding.


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At The Dallas Gluten Free Expo, all the big names of gluten-free products were out and about, flaunting their nearly endless supply of products. Udi’s, the famous gluten-free pre-packaged meal company, was a “Title Sponsor” as opposed to another contender in the niche industry gluten-free products, Enjoy Life. Whereas Udi’s is more full fledged pre-packaged meals that span everything from burritos to chicken penne alfredo, Enjoy Life focuses more in sweets, crispy cookies and lentil chips to name a few.


As well as plenty of other gluten-free delectables, an interesting aspect of The Dallas Gluten Free Expo were the speeches from very knowledgeable individuals regarding both Celiac and the gluten-free diet as a whole. One such speaker was Dr. Christina O’Brien, a dietician and owner of the wellness center Complete Health & Wellness in Lewisville. Her speech was honestly both interesting and informative with O’Brien informing the attendants on how to verify whether certain foods are gluten-free or not and the health effects that can could potentially happen when ingesting gluten.


Another interesting speaker along with Dr. O’Brien was Tiffany Hinton, author of “Gluten Free Mom Certified” and speaker across the country, most recently at North Carolina State University during the Gluten and Allergen Free Wellness Event.


Any attendee could’ve easily gotten lost in the mass of sponsors and exhibitors that day. The company that specializes in almonds, Blue Diamond, Glutino and the always familiar healthy grocery store company Sprouts to name just three of the almost endless amount of sponsors. Although on a personal note, the famous tortilla chip company Xochitl was easily my favorite among the sponsors.


Regardless of whether you have Celiac or you adhere to a gluten free diet or even if you just enjoy trying new foods, The Gluten Free Expo actually tours so certainly see if they’re visiting your town.


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