1. If you want to take advantage of Black Friday sales without leaving your home – or your pajamas, for that matter – Amazon.com will be your best bet. The website will make it simple to explore sales all in one place. Plus, they offer to match or beat prices from other websites, like Walmart. Check out some great Amazon deals here, and be sure to act fast, before merchandise sells out.


2. Newegg is another great option, especially if you’re shopping for technology. It has all of the convenience of Amazon, without the anxiety – that is, there aren’t any stress-inducing flash deals. Plus, it isn’t as likely that merchandise will sell out as quickly as it tends to on Amazon. The only drawback of Newegg is that lots of their deals require mail-in rebates.


3. To save big, stop by JCPenny on Black Friday. The website WalletHub, after analyzing major stores’ deals, put JCPenny at the top of the list for highest discounts. In fact, the average discount at the store is just below 66 percent.

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Be sure not to neglect your safety this Black Friday!

Be sure not to neglect your safety this Black Friday!

4. Walmart is another store that should be on your radar. This year, the savings are big. You can buy a $279.95 pair of wireless Beats by Dr. Dre headphones for only $149, or a $349 50-inch HDTV for only $218. To accommodate the all too familiar Black Friday traffic, Walmart is planning to make sure that desired products are available, and to set up stores in the most efficient manner possible.


5. It may be in your best interest to skip some stores, like Costco, this Friday. Of all the stores WalletHub analyzed, they reported that Costco has the lowest average savings, 21.1 percent. Granted, Black Friday is such a frenzied, chaotic mess. It only makes sense to stick to stores with the best deals. Otherwise, you’d be wasting your time and dealing with eager crowds for nothing.


Happy shopping!


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