In the current American political landscape, every day is a new adventure or episode of a reality television show. With another week in America comes another outrageous and ridiculous controversy from our orange leader. Whether it was wishing that him and Kim Jong Un were friends and calling him “short and fat” via Twitter or the revolving door of characters entering and leaving their tenures at The White House in rapid succession; this has been the wildest year of any presidency and the Trump crazy train shows no signs of slowing down.


His most recent outburst occurred during a on January 12 meeting in the Oval Office, regarding immigration programs, where President Trump referred to Haiti, El Salvador, Nigeria, and a few other African countries in a disrespectful and highly unprofessional manner. He used an expletive that rhymes with “pithole” and followed those comments by saying that America should access immigrants from Scandinavian countries like Norway (countries which are overwhelmingly white), in lieu of the aforementioned countries.


As expected, the outcry was substantial and Trump was called names that I’m sure he’s been called so many times — he’s starting to think “xenophobic” and “racist” are his middle names. People from the nationalities that Trump spoke of so negatively shared their stories on social media and the anchors of the “fake news” that he hates so dearly, brought up the blatant favoritism of predominantly white Scandinavian countries over African ones.


Due to Trump’s comments, non-political and longest tenured man in late-night television Conan O’Brien announced that he’ll do a continuation of his longtime running special “Conan Without Borders”. Through this program, Conan has traversed the globe to illustrate an honest and humorous account of life in countries around the world, in ways that I believe is helping to debunk stereotypical beliefs and views construed by certain media stations about these countries.


Using his “Conan Without Borders” platform, Conan has traveled to a military base in Qatar with former First Lady Michelle Obama, interviewed former Mexican president Vicente Fox (and humorously asked for donations from Mexican citizens for Trump’s border wall in Mexico), and visited “Wonder Woman” star Gal Gadot at her home in Israel, among many adventures.


Conan Haiti

Conan Haiti (teamcoco)

Conan announced on an episode of “Conan,” his TBS series which aired the day following President Trump’s blatant xenophobic comments, that it is a fitting time to host a new “Conan Without Borders” special, with a special title, “Conan in Haiti”.


“I have no idea what the president has against the people of Haiti. But if the president doesn’t like them, they must be lovely people,” O’Brien informed the audience and viewers when discussing the production of his new special.


O’Brien landed in Haiti this past Thursday and soon posted a photo via Twitter of himself having a blast with a couple of locals, referring to them as “new friends” but coincidentally towering over them in height.


While “Conan in Haiti” isn’t slated to air on TBS until January 27, the avalanche of Twitter posts from both O’Brien’s personal and his professional “Team Coco” accounts, show O’Brien cooking at Chef Jose Andres-found World Central Kitchen, and humorously letting school children play with him, as well as several other videos and pictures of him attempting to dance with locals.


If the Twitter posts are any basis for determining whether to watch the program, then I can confidently say that “Conan In Haiti,” will be quite a touching and hilarious special.


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