Feelings of angst spread nationwide as Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, remains continuous in his front-runner status. There has been much talk considering bringing the Republican candidate’s power to a halt. Top conservative leaders have met to plot a third-party run against Trump, as many influential party leaders are worried about his chances of winning the nomination. A closed-door meeting took place in Washington D.C., three days after the March 15 contests, to discuss a potential Trump takedown.


The meeting was organized by Bill Wichterman, Bob Fischer and Erik Erickson, all of which have a strong foothold within the social conservative movement. The three organizers encouraged other party leaders to attend the meeting. The invitation read:

“Please join other conservative leaders to strategize how to defeat Donald Trump for the Republican nomination, and if he is the Republican nominee for president, to offer a true conservative candidate in the general election.”

(National Review)

(National Review)

Erickson has been publicly against Trump in his conservative activism. His opinion of the candidate stands as an influential factor contributing to Trump’s shattered popularity throughout the party. Erickson has previously stated, “I will not be voting for Donald Trump at all. Ever.”


Former candidate, Jeb Bush, also displays his rejection of Trump after announcing his endorsement for Ted Cruz last Wednesday. Bush highly encourages other conservatives to support Cruz in hope to stop Trump. Bush said in a statement:

“To win, Republicans need to make this election about proposing solutions to the many challenges we face, and I believe that we should vote for Ted as he will do just that.”


The Koch brothers are being heavily pushed by their donor network to financially support an anti-Trump nomination. Their failure to do so, with their absence of anti-Trump efforts, have caused large public disappointment. However, many of their individual donors have supplied up to $4m into the anti-Trump Super Pac, Our Principles.


The recognition of Trump’s domination and ominous advantage in the race has sparked a plan within the conservative party to avoid a nomination that’s not in their favor. A strong fight against a Trump nomination will fully take effect in Wisconsin’s April 5 primary. A 100-day continuation will follow with an organized anti-Trump campaign and a rigorous delegate-by-delegate lobbying effort.


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